Personalized European travel planning services

You want to go to Europe but don't have time to plan.

You’ve traveled before, so you know how much work it is to do research, book arrangements, and make sure all the pieces are in place to get your trip just right. You want your travel throughout Europe to go as smoothly as possible and you want each experience to be fantastic. The pace needs to be right, the activities need to be engaging, the museums should be enriching, and the food: incredible. Most likely, 40-80 hours of your time will be spent making travel arrangements…or you can let me take care of it for you! I want to make your trip everything that you want it to be…and more!

You want an expert to handle the details.

You need a helping hand from someone who knows the ins and outs of Europe and will recommend where to go, what to see, what to eat, and where to stay based on years of experience and intimate local knowledge. Europe is my backyard and home away from home, where I have traveled, lived and studied since early childhood. I don’t just know Europe, I am passionate about European travel. I know the best restaurants and wineries, the most interesting museums and experiences, and the various cultural nuances. Together with my in-country associates, we help you easily overcome the challenges of European travel by sharing our expertise with you. We understand and listen to your specific needs and desires for your vacation, and we are here to take care of the details so you can relax and fully enjoy your trip to Europe.

You want a travel advisor who has your best interests in mind.

When I work with clients to create an itinerary, I never make recommendations based on my ability to earn a commission. Rather, my motivation is to exceed your expectations at every turn. While travel agents earn a commission on each booking, I charge a fee for my services and nothing more. I believe this compensation structure helps me do a better job creating a custom travel agenda that is specific to you and your travel companions because I make my selections for lodging, restaurants, transportation, and activities based on your individual needs and interests, not based on my ability to earn a commission. I have your best interest in mind.

You want a balanced itinerary.

You don’t want your vacation to be stressful. You want balance in your schedule so you can see and experience as much as possible, while traveling at a pace that allows you to truly soak it all in. Some travelers have made the mistake of trying to fit so much into each day that they are not able to really focus on and appreciate each unique place they visited. As a tour manager with decades of experience on the ground, I am realistic and knowledgeable about the complex considerations of planning a perfectly balanced itinerary. You will return relaxed and full of enduring memories of the sights, sounds and tastes of Europe.

You don't want to be overwhelmed with information.

I get it! There is so much information available to us these days. We have the world at our fingertips, but it can be completely overwhelming to sift through the resources and try to choose the very best locations, accommodations, restaurants, activities, and transportation. Information overload is real.  I create an itinerary that allows you to focus on things that will be memorable for you and those traveling with you. Cut out the white noise and focus on the activities, experiences and stories that truly spark wonder for you.

You want the process to be simple.

I make the planning process simple: I ask you questions about your travel style and your hopes and dreams for your trip, and then I take care of it. You receive a detailed itinerary for each day of travel, including all the important contact information you need prior to travel. Then while you’re traveling, you can focus on making memories, rather than worrying about all the logistics.

You want a unique travel experience.

When it comes to dining we all enjoy a cheap and quick bite, but every so often we like to splurge on a fantastic five-course meal—especially when celebrating a milestone or special day. In the same way, travel experiences range from the crowded “tour bus”-model of travel, which visits only the most well-known sites, to a tailor-made, “boutique” experience, where you and your group are the sole focus and you can explore any location that appeals to you. When you choose Travels with Audrey, forget the frequent bathroom stops, mandatory gift shop visits, and assembly-line buffets. Instead, stop when you like, visit one-of-a-kind artisanal shops and markets, and dine leisurely at the finest establishments. Or…don’t! It’s entirely up to you. Even if you are not one for the finer things in life, your travel will still be a luxury because it will be handcrafted for your optimal enjoyment and your preferences will shape each day’s adventures.

You want to take the path less traveled.

There are so many things to see and do in Europe, and you will definitely want to see the major tourist spots in the places you visit. But we also want to help you meet the locals and experience the unique culture of each destination.

For most visitors to Europe, they hop from one overcrowded tourist site to the next. But perhaps you want to see a different side of Europe. If so, I would be thrilled to introduce you to the many hidden jewels that even guidebooks don’t know about. Discover quaint local patisseries, pubs and cafés. Hear about local history from the people who live there. Meander along country roads. Stop and smell the flowers as you admire the beautiful gardens. Taste wine at small family-owned vineyards. Browse the finest artisan shops. You’ll have a better experience and will better understand the places you visit when you interact more with the people who live there.

Experiencing the must-see attractions is one of the main reasons to travel, so Travels with Audrey’s private, fully escorted, tour packages include guided sightseeing to each city. And, because nothing kills the fun faster than standing in loooonnnngggg lines, we give you VIP access to the key sights. Less time wasted, more time enjoyed!

You want to travel responsibly.

Tourism has grown at an accelerated pace over the last few decades, with more than a billion tourists now travelling to an international destination each year. With this boom, traveling in a responsible, sustainable way is essential to protecting the natural and historical treasures of our world. At Travels with Audrey we strongly believe in being as sustainable as possible, and that is why we work with local affiliates and partners to protect local economies from the negative impacts of the travel industry and safeguarding traditions and culture. There’s so much more to traveling than visiting the typical tourist sites. Authentic travel is about going deeper, taking time to explore, meeting the locals and tasting local cuisine. It’s about discovering the beauty that lies off the beaten track. By offering boutique-style travel, reducing our carbon footprint when choosing transportation, and thinking local, I am committed to making a difference.

3 Easy Steps to Work with Audrey

Choose your Destination

No matter what type of vacation you are looking, Audrey creates a a unique travel experience, customized just for you.

Create a Custom Itinerary

As a LOCAL, Audrey knows those unique places to show you that make for a one of a kind memorable vacation experience, creating a handcrafted custom itinerary just for you.

Book your trip

Book your trip with peace of mind knowing Audrey is by your side to take care of all the details, so that you can focus on making memories.

Book your complimentary 30 minute initial travel consultation by using my online scheduler to find a time that's convenient for you.

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