Tuscany & Umbria: Rustic Beauty in the Italian Heartland

umbria and tuscany tour

Tuscany & Umbria: Rustic Beauty in the Italian Heartland

13 Days/12 Nights

Private Tour 

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Tuscan & Umbrian Countryside featuring Italy's Charming Hill Towns


DAY 1:   Arrival at Pisa's international airport

DAY 2:   Lucca

DAY 3:   Pisa

DAY 4:   Lari, Bolgheri

DAY 5:   The Island of Elba

DAY 6:   Full day on the island

DAY 7:   Land of the Etruscans

DAY 8:   Full day in the Tuscan countryside

DAY 9:   Day in Cortona

DAY 10: Full day in Umbria

DAY 11: UNESCO Val d'Orcia

DAY 12: Truffle hunting

DAY 13: Departure day. If you wish to extend your holiday, this is a perfect location to add a few days visiting the Cinque Terre, Rome or Florence. For pricing on the extensions contact Audrey.



  • Discover slow travel: a perfect balance of sightseeing and time at leisure
  • Move beyond Italy’s signature cities and stay in countryside accommodations
  • Savor tasty regional cuisine in specially chosen local authentic 'trattorias' and restaurants
  • Spend a day in Pisa to see the leaning tower and explore the charming piazzas of Lucca
  • Explore some of Italy’s most beautiful small towns, producing excellent wine and the highest quality of olive oil
  • Experience the architectural beauty of Siena’s famous Piazza del Campo (home to the world-renowned Palio horse race)
  • Learn about Etruscan history in the off the beaten path villages
  • Visit the city of Assisi, where St Francis and the Franciscan order were born
  • Walk through the iconic Tuscan countryside of yellow fields, golden grasslands and hillside villages in the famed Val d'Orcia
  • Explore charming medieval and Renaissance villages, Etruscan museums, castles, cathedrals, beautiful piazzas and monasteries
  • Enjoy the many culinary delights: private wine tastings in local wineries in unique locations like a medieval castle and its ancient underground cellar; visiting local farms to learn about olive oil; truffle hunting; tasting local culinary delights like Pecorino at a family farm

PRICING: Please inquire about 2022/2023 pricing

The price for a private tour is per-person sharing a double room, and it varies according to the number of guests on the tour, because of minimum fixed costs that need to be covered. With this tiered pricing structure we are able to offer competitive pricing for private groups of 6 to 8 guests.


Pisa, Lucca, Bolgheri, Isola Elba, Chianti, Pienza, Montalcino, Cortona, Assisi

Remember, this tour can be customized according to your own interests and preferences.

Tour starts in Pisa and ends in Florence
Your arrival and departure airports are:
Pisa International Airport, Galileo Galilei Airport (PSA)
Florence Airport, Peterola (FLR)


This tour showcases Italy’s fantastic food and wine, cultural and historical wealth in two of its most beautiful regions, Tuscany and Umbria. Taking you deep into the scenery and gastronomy of Italy’s Tuscan and Umbrian regions, famous for their wines, home to some of Italy’s greatest food, rugged hills, fertile valleys, ancient hilltop villages, Etruscan history and stunning coast line. This trip is a feast for all the senses.

The true essence of Italian family traditions lies within the ingredients that have been carefully grown and harvested in the same territories for centuries, and the regional recipes that shape the soul of every town you'll visit. This is where sipping on local wines is not merely relevant to pairing them to the flavors of a meal, but it is truly honoring the passion of the people who have dedicated their lives to creating such a unique masterpiece.

For many seasoned travelers, Italy continues to be their favorite country to visit. Most travelers want to return to Italy several times because it is not possible to experience and enjoy all that Italy has to offer in a single visit. Experience the delights and the real dolce vita on this unique tour. Join me in visiting our favorite foodie locations in these beautiful regions.

Day to Day Itinerary


Welcome to Italia!

You'll arrive at the airport in Pisa or Florence around mid day, depending on your specific flight arrangements. I will be meeting you at the airport to escort you to your hotel in Lucca (a transfer of up to 1.5 hours by bus, depending on traffic). We stay for three nights in our hotel located in the historic center of Lucca. Depending on which hotel we stay at, amenities may include a restaurant, bar, and lounge area. Typical rooms include a minibar, safe, air conditioning, wireless internet, and private bath with hairdryer. After you checked-in to your hotel, your local host will take you on a brief walk around the hotel and surrounding area for a chance to get acclimated, find an ATM, or seek out a local market.

Evening: Your evening is on your own—you are free to rest in your room after your flight to prepare for tomorrow’s discoveries or your local host can make recommendations for you. tuscany and umbria tour


The day begins with breakfast at the hotel and a pleasant stroll along the streets of Lucca, to arrive in the historical center to meet up with your local expert guide who will introduce you to the history and art of this city, including sites like the Duomo di San Martino (San Martino Cathedral), Piazza dell’Anfiteatro (the Amphitheatre Square) and Torre Guinigi, a tower with trees atop it.  Enjoy free time in the afternoon, sopping, visiting the National Art Gallery, the Puccini museum, renting a bike to pedal the walls, or whatever you like! 

LUCCA: Remarkably well preserved, Lucca's narrow streets look much like they did when the ancient Romans established the town in about 180 BC. And the thick walls that encircled Lucca during the Renaissance era stand strong today. Completely intact, they once hosted car races and now serve as a pedestrian walkway. Lucca's quaint center is enclosed by these walls, and brick ramparts from the 15th and 16th centuries preside over the streets. The opera composer Giacomo Puccini was born here and the city holds Concert Festivals showcasing his works as well as operas every night in the San Giovanni Church.  


After breakfast at the hotel, we will travel to Pisa to meet our local guide for a tour of Pisa’s famous sights - including the renowned Leaning Tower (La Torre Pendente) in Piazza dei Miracoli. After lunch at a local restaurant in the heart of Pisa, we will explore other sites in the historic downtown, a time also for shopping. 

PISA: Pisa, once a maritime republic to rival Genoa and Venice, owes today its fame to the extraordinary leaning tower that has withstood the force of gravity for almost 600 years. It is one of Italy’s most photographed monuments, one of three Romanesque buildings on the lawns of Piazza dei Miracoli. Pisa is also home to other beautiful sites: the Duomo (Cathedral), the Baptistry, several palaces, museums, lovely public parks and other artistic and architectural marvels. This city is best enjoyed by foot and our exploration will include a stroll down the Corso Italia, a lively street where the best shops are found!  Pisa’s gastronomy benefits from its proximity to the sea and the countryside; local recipes use meat as much as the freshwater fish and seafood. Typical dishes include Minestra di fagioli bianchi di San Michele (white bean soup of San Michele) and Trenette alla renaiola, a dish which consists of long pasta with anchovies and turnip greens. One traditional dessert of the Pisa province is the Torta co' bischeri, a cake filled with a paste made of rice and chocolate.leaning tower of pisa


With Pisa and Lucca behind us, we head to Piombino to take a ferry to Elba Island. On the way there, our first stop is in Lari, a lesser known Tuscan town located inside castle walls. The Famiglia Martelli has been making pasta there since 1926 and are always happy to show you how. Tour the pasta factory, Europe's smallest, and pick up a bag or two as a souvenir to bring home with you.

Second stop of the day is Bolgheri, a must, not only to drive along the famous Avenue of the Cypress but also to take a break for lunch and wine tasting of some Super Tuscans and enjoy this picturesque small village. When we get to Piombino, we will sail for the island of Elba. From Portoferraio, the main port city in Elba, we will take a short ride to our beautiful hotel overlooking the bay. Take time to settle in and unpack and get ready for our welcome aperitif followed by an outdoor dinner with a panoramic view.

BOLGHERI: Bolgheri is a lovely little village with small picturesque shops that take you back to another era. To get to Bolgheri, we will drive along the famous Viale dei Cipressi (Avenue of the Cypress) bordered by ancient and majestic cypress trees that lead to the Castle of Bolgheri. This boulevard has been immortalized in a poem by the 19th century Italian poet, Giosuè Carducci. From this area are the red wines Super-Tuscan Sassicaia, Bolgheri Superiore and Ornellaia and the white wine, Bolgheri Vermentino.

ELBA: Elba is the third largest island in Italy, after Sicily and Sardinia. It was well known from ancient times for its iron resources and its valued mines. The island was invaded by the Etruscans and later (after 480 BC) by the Romans. In the Middle Ages, it was invaded by the Ostrogoths and the Lombards, then became a possession of the Republic of Pisa. In 1544, the Barbary pirates from North Africa devastated Elba and, two years later, part of the island was handed over to Cosimo I de' Medici, who fortified Portoferraio and renamed it "Cosmopoli". More recently, the island has become famed for its wine, beautiful landscapes and it is today a noted tourist resort.isola elba


Delicious buffet breakfast at the hotel before leaving to Portoferraio. During the drive, enjoy the many scents of the island’s flowers and fruits.  Our local expert guide will show us the villas where Napoleon took residence during his exile from France. Lunch with Tatiana - we will have time to enjoy seafood dishes before continuing our visit to other sites, including the Medicean Fortress with its breathtaking view. The visit to Portoferraio is almost at its end but not before some free time around town to shop or enjoy a gelato.

PORTOFERRAIO: Portoferraio is the most important town and major port of Elba Island. During the early 17th century Portoferraio saw an influx of Jews who were granted special privileges from Cosimo de Medici. This influenced the development of the industry and economy of Portoferraio. During this period, numerous fortifications were built, at the request of the Medici family, to protect the port from the Barbareschi pirates raids. In 1814, Elba Island was entrusted to Napoleon Bonaparte, who chose it as the seat of his first exile. During this period, the city grew in importance and modernity.
Portoferraio should be seen from every corner, with its characteristic houses, balconies full of colorful flowers, narrow alleys, lively piazzas and breathtaking views of the sea.

RESIDENZE NAPOLEONICHE: Napoleon Bonaparte was forced into exile (May 1814 - February 1815), after the abdication and the Treaty of Fontainebleau. Napoleon chose Portoferraio as the capital of his state where he settled in two villas; San Martino and Villa dei Mulini. In the town house, the Palazzina dei Mulini, Napoleon tried to recreate in a short time, at a reduced size, the atmosphere of the French court; this was supported by the presence of his mother and his sister, Pauline, who had joined him in exile.


Today starts with a visit to a local farm where he will show us his production of organic olive oil, wines and the mill where he grinds whole grain flour and makes delicious pasta. Dimitri will also be our host for lunch and prepare a menu that will include a pasta dish made with his products and a wine tasting. We will return to the hotel to relax and enjoy the landscape before getting ready for our next destination: Capoliveri, a beautiful and picturesque village perched on a hill overlooking the sea. A stroll, some souvenir shopping perhaps, and then we will drive to Porto Azzurro for dinner in one of the island’s best restaurants.

LA FATTORIA DI DIMITRI: Dimitri’s Farm is located in Portoferraio, a few hundred meters from the beach. The whole area is a natural habitat for wild and migratory birds, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards. We really like Dmitri’s olive oil and wines and especially enjoy the whole wheat pasta that he produces from durum wheat. Its color tends toward bronze and its strong taste evokes flavors from the past.

CAPOLIVERI: Capoliveri is a quaint, small village with a deep Etruscan and Roman heritage that played an important role in the economy and politics of Elba Island during the Middle Ages. Later on, after the Italian campaign of Napoleon I in 1799, the population of Capoliveri stubbornly resisted the French troops. This explains why in 1814, when he arrived in exile as King of Elba, Napoleon was greeted with skepticism in Capoliveri, while everyone else saluted him as a liberator. Capoliveri offers marvelous views of the sea and is also a wonderful place for shopping and relaxing.

PORTO AZZURRO: This very picturesque seaside town, on the western coast of Elba Island, has narrow streets with small houses painted in pastel colors, boutique shops, excellent restaurants, a town square in front of the marina and evening craft stands. It was called Porto Longone until 1947, when it changed its name to Porto Azzurro. Azzurro, Italian for light blue, describes the exquisite color of the sea; the town is also famous its beaches, with their dramatic rock formations and white sand.porto azzuro on isola elba


We will have just enough time to enjoy our last breakfast in Elba and get ready to catch the ferry to the mainland. Before lunch, we will stop in Populonia to visit the Etruscan Museum and to appreciate the 360-degree view of the ocean and valley from the Fortress. After boarding the van, we will head to Cortona, our base camp for the rest of the tour, as it is close to many other beautiful places and activities. After unpacking and settling in our lovely hotel, situated in the center of the town, we will take a short walk to the restaurant where we will have dinner.

POPULONIA: In the 7th century BC, Populonia was already one of the largest and most important ancient Etruscan settlements. The only Etruscan city built along the coast and one of the major mining centers of the Etruscan metal industry. Populonia attracted thousands of inhabitants, with an acropolis, a necropolis, several ports and industrial districts. Populonia is notable now for its ancient ruins, the Etruscan walls, remains of Roman buildings and a medieval fortress, located in a panoramic position overlooking the Baratti Gulf.

CORTONA: Cortona’s rich history is evident in its streets, palazzos and piazzas. The city’s Etruscan roots date back to the 7th and 8th century BC and its alliance with Rome to the 1st century BC. In the 16th century, the Florentine Renaissance flourished here in Cortona. Cortona’s many points of interest include its distinctive 16th century clock tower located in the central square, the Palazzo Casali, the neoclassical Teatro Signorelli and the Etruscan Museum. The Museo Diocesano houses the beautiful Annunciation painted by Beato Angelico, and other religious masterpieces. Cortona also offers breathtaking views; you might have seen some in the film Under the Tuscan Sun, which was filmed in a beautifully restored 17th century estate just outside of Cortona.the etruscan town of cortona


Today we visit the Tuscan town of San Gimignano, where time seems to have stood still. As you stroll through the winding streets, you’ll see what Tuscan hill towns looked like in the Middle Ages. A short drive will bring us into the heart of the Chianti classico for a wine tasting and included lunch in a castle in the famed Chianti classico. You’ll be treated like royalty at this small, family-run winery where you will visit the cellars, historic rooms and finish in their beautiful dining room.  

For the afternoon, our local expert guide will take you on a private tour of the town of Siena, including a visit of its famous Duomo, one of the most beautifully churches in Italy.  

SAN GIMIGNANO:  San Gimignano’s hilltop setting, with its encircling walls and towers, is renowned for its unforgettable skyline. As with many other Tuscan cities, the history of San Gimignano dates back to the archaic Etruscan period, but it was during the Middle Ages that the city flourished and well off merchants and aristocrats built towers to show their wealth and power. A walk in the San Gimignano’s Old City, inside the 13th century walls, offers a glimpse of its past glory with 13 towers still standing out of the approximately 72 originally built. San Gimignano offers many local products, like saffron, extra virgin olive oil, salami and the renowned white wine, the Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

SIENA: Siena is one of the most unique and beautiful cities in Italy. It is truly an open-air museum, full of Gothic and medieval monuments and Renaissance art with a splendid landscape surrounding it. Probably the most well known site in Siena is the Piazza del Campo, the unique shell shaped square at the city center, where twice a year the Palio race is held.  In the city’s boutique shops you can still find examples of fine craftsmanship like glazed terracotta, embroidered fabrics, gold jewelry and fine paper. Siena is also famous for its wonderful culinary tradition that evolved from ancient medieval dishes. Its wines and pastries include the famous Panforte and the Ricciarelli, almond paste cakes.siena

DAY 9: LEISURE DAY IN CORTONA & a cooking class

Today there is not any driving to reach far destinations but a quiet day in “Our Town” Cortona, exploring its art and surroundings, including the monastery l’Eremo delle Celle, where monks meet nature to create beauty as an expression of respectful synergy. We will enjoy lunch in town, followed by some free time before we participate in a cooking class and later enjoy a wonderful meal together. 

L’EREMO DELLE CELLE:  L’Eremo delle celle is a Franciscan monastery founded by St. Francis in 1211. Located in an enchanting valley where nature and man have lived harmoniously for the past centuries, this place has a special effect on visitors. After entering the monastery, many feel transported are surprised by the tranquil silence, interrupted only by the beautiful singing of birds and water flowing, that invites them to listen and look inside themselves. Some meditate, some pray, some feel closer to Nature, but everybody finds the Eremo to be a truly spiritual place.

DAY 10: FULL DAY IN UMBRIA "The green heart of Italy"

After breakfast we will drive to the Umbria region and visit two of its most beautiful cities. We will enjoy a refreshing lunch, then head to Assisi, the hometown of Saint Francis. Deruta will be our last stop of the day, a town well known for its ceramics. We will stroll around the small town watching the artists at work in their shops and maybe buying a souvenir. 

ASSISI:  Assisi is famous as the birthplace of St. Francis and for the sacred sites related to the Franciscan Order but it is also a beautiful city on an idyllic hillside, full of medieval art. The city was also strongly influential in the development of the Italian Renaissance. One of the finest examples is the medieval masterpiece, the Basilica of San Francesco with its innovative architecture and paintings by Giotto, Cimabue, Simone Martini and Pietro Lorenzetti. assisi in umbria


Today is another fun filled day of tastings and medieval villages!

Our first stop is one of Tuscany’s most charming villages, Pienza, the drive alone offers some of the most stunning views of the countryside. Pienza was built as the ideal Renaissance city by Pope Pius II who remodeled it according to his taste.  Pienza’s historic center, which has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the best planned Renaissance towns in Italy, is perched high above the stunning rolling cypress lined hills of the Val D’Orcia.  

Near Pienza, special treat! A visit of a Perorino family run cheese farm (Fattoria Biologica Il Casale). Discover how the local cheese is made and sample the traditional cheese that has been produced here for over 2000 years.

Our next stop is the beautiful hilltop town of Montalcino: a lovely hilltop town known primarily for its prized red wine, the Brunello di Montalcino. Here we visit a wine cellar with a sampling of a few different wines. Brunello wines are considered among the most prestigious of Italy. You will also visit the beautiful 9th century abbey Sant’Antimo, said to have been founded by Charlemagne and have a chance to walk among the golden wheat fields to a very special place in the hills of the Val d'Orcia with your local host. 

MONTALCINO:  Montalcino is a small walled town that is perched on top of a hill in Val d’Orcia and the home of the famous wine called Brunello. Brunello wines are considered one of Italy’s best and most expensive wines and is the only Tuscan wine that is made from 100% Sangiovese grapes. At our winery, we’ll be pleasantly immersed in the harmonies of Mozart music, played across the rows of vines through a hundred speakers, in ecstasy with nature. This is not something born to amaze the visitor, but rather the result of serious agronomic and scientific research concerning the beneficial effects of musical frequencies on the vines (Vitis Vinifera), supported by the Universities of Florence and Pisa, the center of agronomic research of Arezzo, and sponsored by the prestigious company BOSE, specialized in the production of audio systems.town of pienza


When traveling March through November, you may be able to enjoy a traditional truffle hunt. Ninety percent of all black truffles in Italy come from Umbria. Far away from the stress, in the green heart of Italy, Montone has its own truffle wood. On a unique truffle hunting expedition with dog and guide, you will discover the mysteries of the elusive black truffle. 


Transfer to the airport for your departure flight. Yes, it is time to leave this beautiful land with many wonderful memories, but we hope to see you back again soon. 

What's Included

What's Included

  • Unwind for 12 nights at charming, locally owned boutique style accommodations that offer Italian hospitality, comfort and local character (Breakfast included):
    • 3 nights in Lucca
    • 3 nights on Elba Island
    • 6 nights in Cortona
  • Gain insider access to the Italian way of life
  • Relax in the care of your dedicated local tour leader and driver-guide. Audrey, who speaks Italian and English fluently
  • Private transfers (pick up and drop off) at Naples and Venice airports
  • Private transportation and ferries 
  • Enjoy the freedom of leisure time to choose your own optional experiences
  • Skip the lines with prepaid entrance fees and local expert guides in Lucca, Pisa, the island of Elba, Siena
  • Orientation walks with your local host in Populonia, Pienza, Montalcino, San Gimignano, Assisi, Deruta, Cortona
  • Immerse yourself in hand-picked exclusive experiences: 
    • A family farm to learn about their delicious pasta products, award winning olive oil and wines
    • A family farm to learn about local cheese including lunch
    • A truffle hunt in the hills of Umbria
    • Wine tasting at a family run winery including lunch in their castle in the Chianti Classico
  • Taxes & Fees: Local VAT taxes and government fees, City Tax, gas, highway tolls, city access licenses and permits, parking fees
  • Sample and savor regional cuisine at carefully selected authentic trattorias and restaurants with local wines

NOTE: In the grand European traditions, I believe that dinner is a celebration of good food and wine, a celebration of culture and a celebration of family and friendship. Hosting this celebration is one of the joys of being a tour manager.  I guide you to your favorite dish … or help you choose something you’ve never tried before. I choose the perfect wines and throw in some local delicacies to broaden your palate and surprise you a bit. When we are at a cooking lesson or a wine tasting, rest assured that you'll go home with new knowledge that will increase your appetite for more. On every tour, I have included dinners as a group as well as nights on your own. Of course, you are always invited to join me at my favorite places or as I explore new and interesting restaurant finds. I also have recommendations and would be happy to make reservations for you.

What's Not Included

  • Passport fees, visa fees, immunization costs, entry clearing fees (when applicable)
  • Optional enhancements like room upgrades
  • Additional sightseeing, activities and experiences outside of your itinerary
  • Early check-in or late check-out from hotels
  • Personal charges such as laundry, phone calls, SIM cards or room service
  • Lunches, dinners and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), unless specified in the itinerary
  • Travel insurance (strongly recommended)
  • Your international and domestic airfare
  • Porterage: Please note that you'll need to carry your own luggage up and down stairs at hotels and across cobblestone
How it works

Here is how it works

  • Schedule a consultation call with Audrey to discuss your dreams of traveling to this beautiful part of Italy!
    • Some things we’ll discuss: Your interests and the interests of your traveling companions, your desires for the trip, and your ages and energy levels. Have you traveled to Italy before? If so, which countries did you visit? What would make your trip perfect, or what do you envision as your ideal day while on vacation?
  • Audrey will start with this itinerary, but this is a custom trip, so we can also incorporate ideas that are specific to your group. You might say, “Yes, let’s go for it!” or you might want to discuss a few things, tweak some items, or compare different options. At the end of this phase, you will know the unique itinerary for your group. 
  • Each person in your small group pays a deposit, with final payment due 90 days before travel.
  • Audrey and her team will book everything for you, help you prepare for your time in Italy, and take great care of you and your companions during your stay in Europe. 
  • You’ll be given a customized, day-by-day itinerary that's unique to your group with all the details you'll need. It's essentially a personalized guide book — with only the information that's relevant to you. 
  • All you have to do is sit back, and enjoy your fabulous travels! Let Audrey and her team personally take care of you while you are in Europe!

Prepare for Your Trip

European travel in general involves a lot of walking, much more than we are used to in the US. Most of our tours include city walking tours, visits to hilltop towns and villages, and meandering through cobbled streets. Keeping active and incorporating long walks into your busy schedule in the weeks before your departure will make your vacation much more rewarding.

  • Don’t Overpack: A challenge even for some experienced travelers! Wash or dry clean some clothes during your travel. Some hotels and villas we choose offer laundry and dry-cleaning services and towns and cities have laundro-mats. Most also provide hair dryers. Toiletries and cosmetics can also be purchased at your destinations. Please contact us if you need some assistance.
  • It is your responsibility to obtain the required documents to travel to Europe. Please verify with your own country's travel laws and government agencies. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your return date. 

The first day on tour is your arrival day into the city in which we meet. So, you would be flying the day before from the United States or Canada if you are not taking the option of spending a few days on location prior to start of your tour. 

The purchase of TRAVEL INSURANCE is strongly recommended to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected. A Protection Plan can include coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical and emergency evacuation/repatriation, trip delay, baggage delay and more. 

Please read our Terms and Conditions here

To discuss the details and customization options, click below to schedule a call with Audrey!

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Jean and Alan-Private tour of Italy

Denver, CO

We highly recommend Audrey and here’s why: she planned the vacation exactly the way we wanted it. Every detail was planned out, up to personal drivers and personal tour guides. We didn’t have to worry about anything. She provided additional info for places to eat and things to see and she was always there if we had a problem or question while on our trip. The Personal Guides were outstanding-very friendly and knowledgeable and the tickets to bypass the lines were exceptional. Hotels were centrally located for easy walking and all very clean and friendly. We really enjoyed Audrey taking us to the Venice that most tourist don’t get to see, especially our “Venetian Bar Crawl with wine and Cicchetti”. We were fortunately very lucky to have Audrey as our driver-guide from Rome to San Marino and eventually to Venice. She was a wealth of knowledge about the history of the area we were driving through. It was such a pleasure to work with Audrey: our trip was OUTSTANDING because of the care and personal attention she gave to us from our initial planning to our final itinerary.
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My husband and I just completed a tour of Italy arranged with Travels with Audrey. Everything was perfect, I mean, really perfect! I’m sure Audrey even arranged the weather!! The hotel recommendations were impeccable, as were the restaurants, and each of our guides along the way was extremely knowledgeable, personable and such a pleasure to spend time with. It was a trip completed at our pace, acknowledging our wishes, but with some gentle (and much needed) guidance. We feel we’ve not only gained a real knowledge and understanding of the sights we’ve seen, but a real appreciation for the rich history of Italy and the lives of its inhabitants today. Some olive oil and a few pieces of ceramic have been picked up along our travels, as well as about 2,500 photos, but more than that, our lives have been enriched by our experience, and we’ve gained a new friend. From the bottom of our hearts, thank-you Audrey! 
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Jay C and family-Private family tour of Italy

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My family and I recently traveled to Italy with Audrey. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and all agreed that Audrey enhanced our trip way beyond anything we could have organized ourselves. Audrey is well networked with local hotels, guides and transportation services. What that meant for us, is that we got the best rooms in the hotels with views, we travelled in Luxury Mercedes vans and mini-buses with friendly, knowledgeable drivers. Our Guides to the many venues enriched our tours with their vast amount knowledge and enthusiasm. And they could get us in to venues skipping lines that were blocks long. Amazing! All of Audrey’s contacts respect and adore her and make sure her clients get the best service. We went to many of the most well-known sights and places, such as Florence, Rome, the Vatican and Tuscany. However, we also went to many off the beaten track places that Audrey knew that were wonderful, such as lunch and wine tasting at the Chianti winery, a private dinner prepared by our own chef in Rome and to some Greek ruins that were incredible in southern Italy to mention a few. I highly recommend Audrey. She is a warm gracious woman who works very hard for you and keeps your group organized. She saves you hours of logistics time, because she knows the regions and people well. Paying the money up front in the beginning was scary, but we had heard about her and took the risk. She really took care of us. Our family all agreed that our small group tour was far more satisfying than a larger tour could have ever been for not much more money.
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We just took a tailored two week trip with our best friends.  Audrey developed our travel plan to Edinburgh, London, Normandy and the Loire valley.  It was a DREAM TRIP.  The hotels were all very good and the food was superb.  The best thing about the trip was the personal guides that Audrey set up for us; they were extremely knowledgeable, personable and entertaining.  Audrey drove us around in France and was our guide in the Loire.  A great trip! 
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Ann Arbor, MI

I would like to thank you for making our family vacation so special. Everything went without a hitch, from the tour guides, to the dinners you planned. We LOVED everything! The special personal chef night was fantastic, just perfect! I know traveling with toddlers is not always easy but you made it seamless. I really appreciated you giving them places to go that the girls would enjoy, and the hotel with the pool, great choice. You know that I chose to book with you because you were our guide five years ago and we really enjoyed ourselves then. I’m so happy we found you again. Booking with you was easy and I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends and family.
View Marti's private tour package in Italy (2018)
View Marti's private tour package in France (2019)
(Private Customized Tour to Italy with Audrey as tour manager)

Italy off the beaten path

Kathy and Rich-Private tour of Italy

Ann Arbor, MI

We had a family adventure with 13 of us, ages 1 to 67 years old, related as brothers, sisters, in-laws, cousins, and grandchildren.  Audrey spent two weeks with the whole gang as our Tour Manager and then my husband Rich and I stayed on another week with Audrey to see sites in Northern Italy with her as our driver-guide. The whole trip was AWESOME.  We made marvelous memories together.  Audrey was terrific at meeting the needs of this diverse group.  She took us to special spots that we had visited with her 5 years before.  That is one of the reasons we selected her to help guide us and she far exceeded our expectations.  She also added many new treasures to enjoy and share with each other.  Audrey is organized, knowledgeable, fun, flexible, curious, thoughtful, energetic, discreet, adventurous, and sentimental. We enjoyed Audrey’s tour and her company as she shared her favorite spots with us along the way.  We ate things that surprised us  and went to places that we would never have found on our own. Audrey was our constant guide and friend.  Tomorrow night I am meeting with the family to begin planning a trip with Audrey to France in the fall!
View Kathy's private tour package in Italy (2018)
View Kathy's private tour package in France (2019)

(Private Customized Tour for a family vacation to Italy and Audrey as tour manager, followed by 7 days of a Private Customized Guided tour of Northern Italy with Audrey as driver-guide)

Italy off the beaten path

Janet and Tim-Private tour of Italy

Seattle, WA

After some research online we found and liked Audrey’s website and decided she would be a good fit for the kind of tour we had in mind, which entailed the availability of Audrey as our driver-guide who confidently drove us around well-known and lesser-known regions of Italy allowing us to discover little known locations and enjoy wonderful food and delicious wines along the way. The best part of it was the complete ability to let the trip just happen, without having to worry about anything. From driving itineraries to hotels, private guided tours in Rome and the Vatican to wine tastings and suggestions for places to eat, Audrey took care of it all for us. I would absolutely recommend Travels with Audrey, especially if you are looking for a private tour and do not want the hassle of planning or driving in a foreign country.  Audrey introduced us to parts of Italy we did not know existed! Our understanding and appreciation for Italy are now so much deeper that we would like to go back and re-visit some of those areas. By far the most notable experiences included observing the truffle hunting dogs at work in Umbria. We then had the opportunity to watch fresh pasta being made from scratch followed by a hearty lunch, accompanied by good local wines. All of this at their private home as if we part of their family. Wild boar home smoked “salame”, fresh pasta with a delicious truffle sauce…all of it conspired to creating lots of very fond memories! 
View Janet & Tim's private tour package
(Private Customized Tour to Italy with Audrey as driver-guide)


Angela and Juan-Private family tour of Spain


My family just got back from a 10 day trip to Spain with Audrey and it was AWESOME!!!! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to travel again without her! Audrey took care of everything…hotels, transportation, obtaining tickets to sites, shows, etc., which left us to just enjoy our trip! We had told her in advance which activities and cities we were interested in and she made it happen. She was even able to squeeze in some extra activities (like wine tasting!) while we were there. Audrey is so nice, and easy to talk with. We really enjoyed her company and her love for the country. If you want to have a great vacation without any worries, you have to use Audrey!
View Angela's & family private tour package
(Private Customized Guided Tour for a family vacation to Spain with Audrey as tour manager)


Beth and Jay-Private family tour of Spain

Dallas, TX

WARNING! You may never be able to travel without Audrey again. We have used Audrey’s services twice in the past, once to Italy and once to Spain. Our most recent trip was to Spain. This trip exceeded our expectations in many ways. First of all, individual travelers are different and have different needs. Audrey takes this into account and tailors the trip to the specific personality of the group. For example, our group had a mixture of adults, young adults and teenagers. Audrey arranged the transportation so that we were never rushed in the morning, had ample time to eat breakfast and set off to a day of sightseeing feeling rested and excited about the day. We visited all the typical tourist spots, but also had intimate “one of a kind” trips to a vineyard, sherry bodega, cooking class and olive oil factory. The longer drives were broken up by timely stops in unique towns. All this adds up to a one of a kind experience that really allows you to feel the culture of the country. We left the hotel planning up to Audrey and each hotel was centrally located, unique and clean. Audrey has extensive knowledge about the countries that she offers and a love for travel and the people. You cannot go wrong with a trip with Audrey. Try her once, and like us, you will be back for more. 
View Beth's & family private tour package
(Private Customized Guided Tour for a family vacation to Spain with Audrey as tour manager)

guests enjoying a private paella cooking class in Sevilla

Laurian & Gerald-Private tour of Spain & Portugal

Grand Junction, CO

We had a lovely time on this trip, thank you for your expertise in organizing it! Initially we were unsure about using a tour organizer without a personal recommendation and had the usual concerns about cost and quality.  We have had reasonable experiences in the past using the web to find tour organizers and, in this respect, the testimonials on your site were very helpful. We didn’t have to worry about the many specifics of doing what we wanted to do, in consideration of the fact that we had a very specific and peculiar itinerary: it was wonderful to have someone personalize our tour. Two things were very useful.  First, the identification of good quality yet small hotels that were well-located.  It would have been difficult to do this ourselves based on web searches.  Second, your arranging the tours and specific activities for us so we didn’t have to search for those.  In most cases, these activities were also located near our hotels, so the whole experience was very low hassle! Our best experiences were in Granada with Antonio as guide to the Alhambra and with the flamenco show there, which was excellent, though designed for tourists. The winery in Portugal was a great find! Everything was very high quality. In closing, we would absolutely recommend your services to others.
Thanks again!


Tom and Dom-Private father & son tour of Spain and Portugal

Denver, CO

Dominic and I came back from our two week trip to Portugal and southern Spain.  It was a great father & son trip and we had a great time!  From Lisbon, to Evora to Seville to Cordoba to Granada and finally Madrid, we had a great time.  I would highly recommend the private car with driver and local guides that Audrey arranged for us.  It was the best way of seeing the sites without any crowds, exactly the way Audrey envisions and offers in her tours. What a great way to see more of the country.  The food recommendations Audrey provided us with in the various towns came in very handy and were very accurate.  The accommodations she chose far exceeded our expectations. The prepaid tickets arranged by Audrey for the Bullet train and the Prado saved us a lot of time. We enjoyed ourselves and look forward to booking any future trip that will measure up to this one and highly recommend Travels with Audrey.
View Tom's private tour package
(Customized Itinerary Package, father and son vacation to Portugal and Spain)

private tour of scotland

Mike and Ellen-Private tour of Scotland & London

Indianapolis, IN

Our trip to Scotland was magical. With the help of Travels with Audrey we were able to enjoy a stress free trip in a country that prides itself on being laid back. The visit was centered in the Highlands, we had certain requests that were not only met but exceeded. The driver assigned was fabulous. An Irish chap who was the friendliest and most accommodating chap you can imagine. He was familiar with the territory and found the most interesting little spots to stop for a “lovely picture and maybe a cup of tea or coffee before we get on our way”.The variety of Hotels, Castles, Guest Houses and B & B’s made for an exciting time. The Distillery tours (2) were fun and informative and tasty. The scenery of the Highlands and the roads ventured to make the most of the tour made for a great journey. We had only one variation where a ferry could not be guaranteed to run, the driver was able to modify that on the run and found us an alternative town, Oban, that was one of the highlights of the entire trip. All in all from Edinburgh and St Andrews to the Isle of Skye to Oban and Sterling it was a couple of weeks that will live in our fondest memories.
(Customized Itinerary Package to Scotland and London, England)


Gregg & Maureen / Coleen & Don-Private tour of France, Holland, Germany


Just want to say thank you once again for a most fabulous tour. The fact that you designed it to suit our very specific interests was phenomenal. Everything went very smoothly. You knew just what arrangements were necessary to accomplish everything in the time we had available. We were very pleased with the transportation, restaurants, sites, guides, etc. The whole trip could not have gone better.  Our tour realized the dream my wife and sister in law wanted to fulfill: following the footsteps of their father as a paratrooper during the 2nd World War. We met many great people and have wonderful memories. I will always cherish the “down” times when Maureen and I had a sandwich and a beer at a sidewalk café in Paris and a beer at a sidewalk cafe in Berlin with Frau Vogel. Looking forward to future travels!
View Gregg, Maureen, Coleen and Don's private tour package
(Private Customized Guided Tour with Audrey as tour manager, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany). 


Tony, Dan and family-Private family tour of Paris, Venice & Rome

Atlanta, GA

We were fortunate enough to have had Audrey De Monte serve as Tour Manager for our 10 day family trip to Europe. The tour was a 10-day multi generational family tour (grandparents to teen age grandchildren) of the cities of Paris, Venice and Rome. Audrey was extremely well organized and always provided multiple suggestions to make sure that everyone was having a great time. She knew the cities well which enabled us to get access to great reasonably priced restaurants that served authentic local food which was not an easy task for such a large group. She kept our group on time and always offered suggestions for other activities when we had free time. She made this family trip a very precious memory for all and for that we are grateful. Thank you Audrey!
(Private Customized Tour for a family vacation to Paris, Venice and Rome, with Audrey as tour manager)

best option for discovering france off the beaten path

Terry and Bill-Private tour of Paris

Toronto, ON, Canada

We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to Travels with Audrey for organizing our personalized tour of Paris, France – from the pick up at the dock in Lyon to the train station – to the pickup in Paris to drop off at our hotel – we felt very special for the efficiency and courtesy provided by Audrey’s personnel. We enjoyed our excursions to Versailles; the Louvre and Notre Dame – instructions provided were well illustrated and we had no difficulty is locating the meeting centers. Our hotel was quaint and close to the downtown core – we were able to walk around visiting various sites with ease and comfort. Would highly recommend Travels with Audrey to friends and family who may consider visiting France.
Many thanks!


Eleni & Anne-Private family tour of Italy

Toronto, Canada

My family and I just returned from a vacation to Italy, planned by Audrey. I had never been to Italy before, and I didn’t know where to begin planning. Audrey’s knowledge of Italy is incredible. We gave her some ideas, and our budget, and she planned the most amazing trip for us! Each step was perfect. The hotels were beautiful, and we loved private tours of Pompeii, Amalfi Coast and Florence. The cooking class she set up in Sorrento was one of the highlights! We kept raving about how flawless and easy each part of the trip was! And Stresa, a place we never even knew about, was breathtaking! If it wasn’t for Audrey, we would have never gone there! She planned every detail, right down to the train tickets. Audrey, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. You made our trip perfect and memorable. We will definitely be booking with you again!


Merritt and Ellen Halem

Italy's Great Cities Small Group Tour: Venice, Florence & Rome with an extension to the Amalfi coast

There are not enough praising words for Audrey. It really was a wonderful vacation and we thank you, Audrey, for being such a huge part of its success. You really went out of your way to be sure that everyone enjoyed their time in Italy and your knowledge, expertise and genuine concern contributed greatly to a once in a lifetime trip. We are both back to work and into the routing of daily life. We hope to have the opportunity to travel with you again. 

Rooftop drinks in Rome

Lesia McQuade

Italy's Great Cities Small Group Tour: Venice, Florence & Rome

Audrey, thank you so much for the pics! Most of all thank you so much for your cheerful self and smiles to greet us every day. I so enjoyed laughing with you and sharing the awesome time we had in Italy. Such wonderful memories! I hope you are enjoying your stay with your sister-in-law and hope you will see your husband and father soon. OH, what happened with the vase? I hope it got back to the hotel. What a journey that was...sorry you had to be a part of it! Part of the memories was schlepping that vase all around Italy...funny now!


Audrey Medvin

Italy's Great Cities Small Group Tour: Venice, Florence & Rome

We just got back from our Italian "adventure" last night and I wanted to spend a few minutes sharing with you some of my thoughts about this trip. Most importantly, our local host and tour manager, Audrey, made this a most memorable time with her knowledge, patience, sweetness and fun personality.  This could have been a very grueling time with the extreme heat, non-stop walking and lack of sleep but Audrey made it extremely enjoyable.  We couldn't have asked for anyone better and we feel blessed that we were lucky enough to have her as our guide.  The itinerary was fabulous and we especially loved the side trips to San Gimignano, Assisi, Cortona and the winery tour with lunch. 

I also wanted to mention that our culinary experience in Tuscany was an evening we will never forget.  I twisted the arms of my husband and friends to share this time with me and they couldn't thank me enough.  Veronica, our chef, was so warm and inviting and despite the heat of her kitchen, we had an unforgettable time.  We made pasta, sauce, focaccia bread, stuffed meat loaf, peppers and when Veronica found out we had a chocolate lover amongst us, she changed the dessert to a chocolate cake.  Of course, the wine was flowing!

The last night when the group got together to share our experiences with each other and with Audrey, we felt it was such a nice touch to receive the gifts that she personally got for us and it was so appreciated. I highly recommend Travels with Audrey for your vacation to Italy. 


Shirley Prygoski

Italy's Great Cities Small Group Tour: Venice, Florence & Rome

Allyson and I were very impressed with our tour to Italy! We wouldn't have changed a thing!!! We loved our hotels from the staff to the clean rooms and fabulous breakfast buffets. Our views from each of them were wonderful...especially the one in Rome. The nearby restaurants were superb. We both loved the first meal together with the taste-testing of drinks. It was a great way to meet each other and an excellent indication of what was ahead of us!!!

Your enthusiasm, attention to details and sweet surprises made each day very special. The musicians on the gondola ride, the wine and appetizers on the balcony, the chocolate candy on the bus, the rooftop wine testing (what a view), the thoughtful gifts you bestowed on us, etc. I also appreciated all you did to retrieve the bag I left behind in Cortona.

On the flight home, Allyson and I tried to determine our favorite destination. It was impossible! They were all so unique and it always seemed as though we had each place to ourselves!!! We liked the general tour you gave in each city. It made it easy for us to travel on our own. Did we tell you that we found a hidden little grocery store in Rome? They even had a gluten free area. We had a blast there and bought some fruit, veggies and goodies.

Audrey was really a fantastic tour manager. We appreciated how much she knew about Italy and that she spoke Italian. She flawlessly made all the arrangements, so that we didn't have to think about anything besides enjoying our trip. She was also an easy person to travel with! We can't recommend her highly enough!


Kathy Goldsmith

Italy's Great Cities Small Group Tour: Venice, Florence & Rome

Audrey, where do I start? I'm back at the hotel after a glorious afternoon...the Borghese, the synagogue, and the amazing church of Minerva - must see, indeed! When I left the Borghese, I took a cab to the Torre Argentina, wrapped my lovely scarf around me, and never got lost! So thank you, for all your good advice, your patient good spirits, your laughter - but most of all for sharing your joy and your passion for this indescribable country. With deep affection Kathy.


Paul and Tammy Benson

Italy's Great Cities Small Group Tour: Venice, Florence & Rome

Audrey, just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed sharing a little part of Italy with you and our other travel companions. The people, the food and wine, the culture, and the experiences will linger as vivid memories. You made it all happen as it should. Thank you for your professionalism, but most of all for your personal involvement and caring that made everything seem to happy naturally. More than a one-time tour captain, I hope to count you as a new friend. Thanks again and we hope to share new travel experiences with you again in more exciting places in the future. God bless you.


Maureen and Peter Burke (Canada)

Italy's Great Cities Small Group Tour: Venice, Florence & Rome with an extension to the Amalfi coast

Thank you for your incredible leadership! As I scribbled on a post card to you on our last day in Sorrento, we truly appreciated your intelligent, enthusiastic, warm, witty and often personalized guidance throughout our wonderful trip to Italy. Your personal imprint was upon each of us who shared in this incredible adventure, and I know I speak for everyone when I say a sincere thank-you for making it so very special for each and every one of us! As our daughter, expressed it, you have the best career in the world! I know that we just witnessed the frosting on the cake, and that your expertise made everything seem so flawless, but that was all because of the hard work that you did behind the scenes. As Captain Jean Luc Picard would say, "make it so!" You are very special! 

small group tour in san gimignano

Cathy and Alex Han

Italy's Great Cities Small Group Tour: Venice, Florence & Rome

We love Audrey! We still talk about our trip and kids really appreciated her wonderful guiding thru cities especially catacombs. Because of Audrey, we had a wonderful first class tour in Italy. Hopefully we get a chance to see her again next year. She is very professional and fun and helpful. I left my passbooks at previous hotel. She helped me go back retrieve them without any fuss. Best Tour Manager ever!" Thanks Audrey! 

exclusive small group tours and private tour of lake como

Anna and Doug Gillison

Northern Italy Small Group Tour

We just wanted to thank you for making our honeymoon simply unforgettable. We think we were so very fortunate to have had you as our tour manager. You are amazing. Everything about you fits what you do perfectly. We appreciated your being so knowledgeable about the places we visited, so well prepared  and we loved your personality. We find ourselves reminiscing of so many lovely times we had. We would definitely travel with you again! You will be glad to know the bottles of wine made it just fine. And speaking of wine, dining with you at you own personally chosen restaurants was a unique, wonderful experience as well! 

private small group tour of pompeii

Bernie and Susan Moule

Italy's Great Cities Small Group Tour: Venice, Florence & Rome with an extension to the Amalfi coast

Bravissima!  Just returned from our tour of Italy guided by Audrey De Monte.  Can't begin to describe what a wonderful time we had.  Audrey is both charming and extremely professional. Audrey was the consummate professional. Organized and personable. She made the trip seamless and more fun than we could have hoped for. Audrey, you are the BEST ever. Thank you once again.


Gail, Bill, Lil, Tom and Bruce

Dallas, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thank you, Audrey for the “perfect tour” of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.  Our merry little band of “over 70” year olds would have never made this trip on our own, nor would we have tolerated a big bus tour.  Your planning, time management and adjustments to our daily needs and itinerary were invaluable.  We especially enjoyed your personalized booklet as it was a great resource for our pre-trip travel planning.  The daily tour information with history and highlights of all our destinations was also very helpful.  The museums, boat and train rides, castles, wine tastings and your little surprises were enjoyed by all.  Most of all we got to enjoy these countries through all the food experiences you planned.  The Parmigiano-Reggiano, Balsamic Vinegar and Prosciutto tours were all interesting and tasty.  Speaking of food, all the restaurants you took us to for lunch and dinner were over the top when it came to ambiance, scenic views and crazy good food.   We dinned everywhere from a ski gondola to a wine cave to hillside restaurants – fantastic.  These are just a few reasons we chose you for the second time to guide us on our lengthy tour.  Lastly, thank you for driving us over 2,200 miles, through 4 countries, in a span of 3 weeks so we could enjoy the beautiful countryside of these amazing countries….and did I mention the FOOD.  This was a once-in-a-lifetime trip for us that we all enjoyed and could not imagine entrusting anyone but you with coordinating this trip.  You have spoiled us rotten when it comes to traveling.


Tara and Mark

Leawood, Kansas

This was our second trip with Audrey and once again, the service she provides is top-notch. Her itineraries are a blend of must-see attractions and unique, off-the-beaten path experiences, with unplanned time for you to explore on your own. Audrey takes care of every detail (hotels, transportation, local guides, tickets to attractions) so you can focus on enjoying your time abroad. She chooses hotels, restaurants, and experiences that are charming, upscale and authentic. She’s also sensitive to the needs of her guests, going the extra mile for special occasions, and offering to help make reservations or arrangements outside of planned activities. Fluent in multiple languages, she has solid cultural knowledge of many European countries, and chooses excellent local guides who provide deeper context and history. We love traveling with Audrey, and can’t wait for our next trip with her!

Lesia and Kenneth

Lesia and Kenneth

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Our small group of eight saw Paris and Provence in 10 days with each day full of adventure and new experiences to our senses. This was our second trip using Audrey as our traveling guide. Our first trip was to Italy and with our 12 year old son. We did not hesitate to sign up for Audrey's trip to France when we received the information. Audrey removes the learning curve of travel. She is not just a guide, but becomes a friend who advocates for her guests. Audrey speaks 5 languages and has much knowledge about the places she takes her guests. When you travel with Audrey ALL logistics are taken care of. She is very detailed oriented and ensures that each guest is comfortable. Her trips are smooth and seamless. Tickets for museums and other events are purchased in advance and Audrey's group is ushered in; not waiting in long lines. Our seats on the train from Paris to Provence was in business class; roomy, quiet and comfortable. In Provence we traveled in comfortable luxury vans with the same drivers, visiting different villages who also added to the trip. Audrey hires expert tour guides (historians) for museums and villages who enrich your experience and bring history back to life. In France, we visited some main attractions, but then dove deep off the beaten path to feel the pulse of daily life in quaint villages. I liked it that in Provence we stayed in one Inn as our base camp and then drove to different villages from there. It was a comfort to have such a beautiful Inn to call our home for seven days while in Provence, where each guest had their own veranda. We enjoyed ancient Roman ruins, places where Van Gogh lived, open air markets, medieval castles, and a day on the Mediterranean in a boat swimming and exploring the Calanques. We learned about French wines and olive oils. We visited a beautiful lavender store where we learned about the different lavenders. In Paris we visited the Louvre Museum with an expert guide and historian. Audrey knows how to put a trip together, she advocates for her guests, and is tuned into each guest to make sure everyone is comfortable. We are looking forward to doing more trips with Audrey.



Mission Hills, Kansas

My family of 4 greatly enjoyed Paris and Provence. Audrey is an outstanding travel facilitator. Her personal attention to details and adjusting itineraries to meet our needs was really helpful. From planning to leading us throughout the trip we had just the right amount of activity, relaxing time, group time, and alone time. Her lifetime of experience and in-depth knowledge of the area was such a bonus. Can't recommend highly enough the value she provides. Looking forward to traveling with Audrey again!

photo testimonial


In June 2022, Audrey led our group of 8 artist friends through the lovely towns of Provence, France.  I asked her to help create a relaxing pace through the beautiful villages where artists historically came to paint and see the summer light of the Mediterranean towns.  She helped choose the places based on her recent visits, chose a charming boutique hotel on the edge of St Remy, drove us, translated for us, and basically guided us through our experience at a relaxed pace.  It was just perfect and Audrey is a charming and knowledgeable host.
We took her recommendations for which towns to stay longer, where to eat (Audrey is a foodie!) and where the best shopping was.
I highly recommend Audrey to put together your group vacation, just the way you want it!  Merci beaucoup, Audrey!
Should I mention that Audrey and I met as tour managers and have been friends for almost 10 years? I know her planning and attention to detail is impeccable.



Dallas, Texas

Our trip to Friuli with Audrey and Manlio was incredible! From the first contact with Audrey (thanks to a Google search!) through the planning process, we felt confident about her professionalism and attention to detail. What we didn't know until our trip began is how much fun and local insight Audrey and Manlio would bring to the whole experience. Audrey was quick to laugh with us, to anticipate our every need, and to prepare us for each day's adventures. Manlio was a steady presence, handling driving and sharing stories and memories that enhanced our trip. Their love for Friuli is evident, and it's contagious! Our trip was everything we hoped for and more. We're telling everyone to head to Friuli to see a different side of Italy. There are no better guides to the region than Audrey and Manlio. Grazie to you both! 


Carolyn and Roger

Dallas, Texas

We have had the most memorable trip to beautiful Italy, made all the better by working with Travels With Audrey.  We were keen to explore the region of Friuli and the region surpassed our expectations.  Experiencing the history, cuisine and wine of this special region was a daily joy.  Having Audrey and Manlio as our main guides made all hassles and irritations of international travel melt away as we were effortlessly transported to our tours, meals and activities.  The hotels arranged by Audrey were beautifully appointed and perfectly located.  We found the pre-trip booklet very helpful in planning for and packing for the trip.

Working with Audrey on the front end to plan the itinerary was pleasant and collaborative.  She crafted a perfectly paced journey, hired wonderfully educational and knowledgeable guides and attended to all our needs along the way.  Audrey and Manlio provided a great balance of help and guidance during the day while also allowing us time on our own to explore and discover cities and sights on our own. We took a chance hiring Audrey to lead us on our trip and we were blessed with great fortune in discovering her services.  We cannot overemphasize how our travel to the amazing region of Friuli was enhanced by doing so with Audrey and Manlio.  We look forward to meeting them again as dear friends when we return in the future.

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