Private Versus Small Group Tour: Which Is Right for You?

Private Versus Small Group Tour: Which Is Right for You?

Are you wishing to travel with only your family and friends? Or, are you interested in meeting and making new friends? Either way, our private and small group tours offer different benefits so you have the freedom to choose which tour type is right for you. I’ve highlighted the main questions surrounding customized private and small group tours.

What is a small group tour?

Small group tours allow you to travel with likeminded travelers. Most tour companies consider small group tours 16 to 24 travelers. At Travels with Audrey, our group size is much more intimate with a maximum of 8, allowing for a more relaxed, in depth and intimate touring experience.

Five Tips for a Successful Multigenerational Family Trip

Group in the arena in Ronda

What is a private tour?

The definition for a private tour is an itinerary run exclusively for you and your family or friends. On a private trip, everybody you travel with will be somebody you know. Private tours are more flexible when it comes to your group size, travel dates and what your trip includes.

Mustard tasting tour in Beaune

Private visit of family run mustard producer in Burgundy

Who do you want to travel with?

Private Tours:  By booking a private tour, you have the opportunity to gather the people you want to hang out with and feel that would enjoy the same kind of vacation as you.

Small Group Tours: If you’re looking to meet new friends or simply want to travel in the comfort of a group tour, then this option is ideal.

Looking to personalize your vacation?

Private Tours: Every itinerary for a private guided tour is customized to your wishes. No two itineraries are the same, and we do not sell anyone else’s tour.

Small Group Tours: The beauty of a group tour is that everything has already been carefully and thoughtfully been planned by us to help you get the most out of your trip! We always build in leisure time for you to make your own discoveries.

How flexible are your travel dates?

Private Tours: The dates are your, and the members of your private group’s, preferred dates.

Small Group Tours: We offer a few exclusive dates to several destinations during the year.

Are you traveling with young children?

Private Tours: If you’re traveling with young children or elderly family and friends, then a private adventure is especially convenient because you can determine the pace.

Checklist for Private Guided Tours

  • Handpick your travel companions.
  • Control the pace of the tour.
  • Enjoy a tour focused solely on your travel group.
  • Select the travel date that works best for you.

Checklist for Small Group Tours

  • Choose one of our all-inclusive small group tours and enjoy a set itinerary.
  • Meet new people and make friends.
  • Enjoy the benefit of having a knowledgeable local tour manager.

We create authentic trip experiences in Italy that immerse you in the local culture. Contact Audrey to join one of our exclusive small group tours, or a customized private tour, and experience Italy as an insider! 

About Audrey De Monte

Born in New York City, to European native parents, and raised in Western Africa, I have studied, lived and worked on three continents (Africa, Europe and North America), and have traveled extensively throughout the world. Travel has shaped my life, who I am, and how I look at the world and travel continues to be my biggest teacher. Together with my native Italian husband, we speak 5 languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish and English of course). I have spent a lifetime in several countries in Western Europe, since early childhood, visiting family, friends, studying, living and working. I grew up with the local customs and traditions of these countries.