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Owner & Certified International Tour Manager

Born in New York City, to European native parents, raised in Western Africa, I have studied, lived and worked on three continents (Africa, Europe and North America), and have traveled extensively throughout the world. Travel has shaped my life, who I am, how I look at the world and travel continues to be my biggest teacher. Together with my native Italian husband (dual Canadian-Italian citizen), we speak 5 languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish and English of course). Western Europe is my backyard, in particular Spain, Germany, Holland and Italy—countries where I have spent my life, since early childhood, visiting family, friends, studying, living and working. I grew up with the local customs and traditions of these countries which formed the foundation not only of who I am as a person but also of my local expert knowledge. Every year, I continue to spend several weeks on scouting trips, to continue exploring and researching special places, meet with service providers, to ensure the best for my clients.

I possess over 35 years of experience in the travel and aviation industry, including leading tours in Canada, the United States and Europe. After obtaining a certification in International Tour Management I founded Travels with Audrey in 2012 specializing in personally led and hosted custom private tours and cultural retreats in Italy & Spain.

Travels with Audrey LLC is a fully protected company with a Tour Operator Professional Liability insurance.

Why I do what I do

After many years spent working in the travel industry, I came to the conclusion and the realization that many visitors to Europe were not really getting to know the people or the culture of the places they were visiting. Their stories made me realize that they were merely passing through, not having had the chance to really connect with the places and people they were visiting. And so I founded Travels with Audrey as a challenge to traditional tourism.

  • To offer a solution to the frustration with mass tourism, tourist traps, hassles and wasted time of planning it yourself and risk of your missing out.
  • To help you travel to Italy & Spain more authentically, to experience not only the famous sites but the hidden gems, to capture the essence of real local life and culture, meet the locals, enjoy regional food and wine, learn the history through expert local guides, all of which I am very passionate about.  

Unique & Local Travel Experiences

Everyone has a different view on how to travel and what their ideal or preferred method of doing so is. There is no right or wrong way. I personally believe that to truly “see” a country, one must “experience” it.

There are so many things to see and do in Italy & Spain, and you will definitely want to see the famous sites in the places you visit. But I want to introduce you to the locals and would like you to experience the unique culture of the destination you are visiting. I personally feel that you will have a better experience and will better understand the places you visit when you interact more with the people who live there.

Our team strives to eliminate the hassles of trip planning so that you can focus on the food, wine, culture, history and people of the places you visit. Our main goal is to support you so that you can experience your destination and all that they it has to offer as comfortably, conveniently and as safely as possible, getting the most out of your time spent on vacation.

"I believe you can see and experience more on a cultural retreat and a custom private tour than if you tried to pull it all together yourself"

Philosophy: "Like traveling with a friend away from home"

Travels with Audrey is much more than a business. Our passion is to provide you with unique and memorable travel experiences, to help you understand, appreciate, enjoy and connect with the beauty and the people of Italy & Spain in the most authentic way possible.  To explore a location authentically, its outdoor beauty, its back roads, its small family producers, its regional cuisine and traditional wines, at your preferred pace.

“A trip to Europe should be the experience of a lifetime, whether you have never been, or have been there many times but desire a more authentic, intimate and personal experience”

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