We are the Locals!

How Audrey Creates Your Custom Vacation

We are the Locals!

Imagine being in a local market where something catches your attention.

You would like to ask questions, but you don’t speak the local language.
Now imagine having a friend with you that can help with the translation and get answers that will not only satisfy your curiosity but tell you something that is only of local knowledge.
These are the intimate experiences that make a trip truly memorable.

Because you did not just observe, you connected.

We are your connection to local culture

We speak the language for you

To appreciate a country, you need to be in contact with the locals.
Not the ones you find in souvenir shops.
The ones you may meet with us as we travel together:
The BAKER in town
The FARMER at the market
The ARTISAN in the studio
The SIGNORE AND SIGNORA in the piazza

Private Guided tours of Italy


WWI tour guide, Ancestry Researcher, and Audrey’s Husband

  • Born and raised in Udine, Italy, in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. It was only natural that he developed an appreciation for good wines, good cuisine and his beautiful Italy.
  • Educated in the classics, with an emphasis on history, literature, and philosophy. Having served in the Italian Army’s Mountain Troops for several years and presently serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force.
  • Deeply passionate about military history and knowledgeable about both the Great War and the Second World War, which indelibly shaped the course of history in his region along the Italian front.
  • Enjoys sharing his knowledge of WWI history on the Italian front, information that has been underestimated, misunderstood, and sometimes even forgotten, and offers genealogy research for those looking into their family roots.
  • Fluent in 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and Friulano, the local language of his hometown.
  • He enjoys playing with Matix, his Friulan-born dog, and travelling with his wife, Audrey.

As See In...


Kathy McCabe asked her readers to share their favorite people, places and experiences in Italy. Manlio’s articleAn Understated Jewel: Udine and its Piazza Della Libertà” was one that was featured.

Ana, our guide in Aquileia


Local Expert Guide in Friuli

private and small group tours in northern italy


Licenzed Venice Tour Guide & in-country associate

private guide


PHD Art Historian, Renaissance Art Expert and Author of Art Books, licensed tour guide, Level III Wine Sommelier

Donatella, my guide in Piemonte


Local Expert Guide Turin and the Langhe

My guide Francesca in Rome


Local Expert Guide Rome and Vatican City

Maria Font of Cordoba


Local Expert Guide Cordoba


Bruno and Caroline

Provence Driver-Guides (France)

private and small group tours in salzburg and innsbruck austria


Local Expert Guide for Salzburg and Berchtesgaden

our guide angela in madrid on our small group tours of southern spain


Local Expert Guide Madrid, Avila, Segovia

Ready for an authentic Italian experience?

One thing we loved about our trip was Audrey’s knowledge of each region we went to and her connecting our group with locals who guided us through each region’s specialties.  If we had been with a generic tour guide, we would have missed so much of the local culture and the highlights we had with each person that guided us. I can’t image if we didn’t have Audrey to guide us, how much we would have missed.

Mariah and Joseph, Pasadena CA


Each of our guides along the way was extremely knowledgeable, personable and such a pleasure to spend time with. We feel we’ve not only gained a real knowledge and understanding of the sights we’ve seen, but a real appreciation for the rich history of Italy and the lives of its inhabitants today.

Kelly and Dave, Brampton ON Canada


Audrey enhanced our trip way beyond anything we could have organized ourselves.  Our guides to the many venues enriched our tours with their vast amount of knowledge and enthusiasm. And they could get us into venues skipping lines that were blocks long. Amazing!

Barbara, Grand Junction CO

Multigenerational family traveling with Audrey on a private tour in Italy

Sharing more unforgettable memories

The special city guides you arrange for us are always exceptional. They speak good English, know the history, and get us in front of the lines. You and the guides always take us to neat “off-the-path” places. It was the best way of seeing the sites without any crowds, exactly the way Audrey envisions and offers in her tours. What a great way to see more of the country.

Gail, Bill, Bruce, Tom, Lil,
Dallas TX and Tulsa OK


Your personal guides were personable, friendly, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. We were able to experience the local people and culture. It was nice to dine in local eateries and visit the “Locals” Italy and not the “Tourists” Italy.  Our personal tour guides were a wonderful source of cultural and historical information.

Jean and Allan, Denver CO

Audrey on a cicchetti crawl with her clients Jean and Alan

Audrey is not just a guide, but becomes a best friend who advocates for her guests. Her trips are smooth and seamless. Audrey hires expert tour guides for museums and villages who enrich your experience and bring history back to life. Audrey knows how to put a trip together and is tuned into each guest to make sure everyone is comfortable. We are looking forward to doing more trips with Audrey.

Lesia and Kenneth, Grand Rapids MI



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