Private driver-guide for spain, italy and france

Is Hiring a Private Driver-Guide Worth it?

There are so many choices when it comes to travel transportation, from renting a car, to booking group tours, to hiring private driver-guides. There is a huge benefit in hiring a driver-guide for your family and friends custom tour, like myself.

Hiring a private driver-guide is more than just about the driving, it’s really about the flexibility, the insider knowledge they provide and time they can save, maximizing your experience in a short timeframe. By hiring a private driver-guide, you have all the freedom of renting a car without the hassles and stress.

You’ll feel safe and immersed in the destination after just a few hours, and you will experience your destination up close and personal, benefiting from traveling with your own local cultural guide who not only speaks the local language but has spent a lifetime in Europe. Many of our clients may even have driven themselves on previous visits to Europe but have decided that for this trip, they want somebody else behind the wheel.

What follows are the top reasons for traveling with a private driver-guide:

private guided tours with driver-guide in europe

San Marino, clients on their private guided tour with Audrey as their driver-guide/Photo Jean Jaffe

1. You have flexibility.

When you travel with a private driver-guide like me, you can decide how to pace your day depending on the pre-arranged activities on your customized itinerary. You never have to wait for others as you might on a group tour (that is, unless you’re waiting for your own companions!). With a personal driver-guide, you can spontaneously ask to take that lovely side road you’d otherwise have to pass by, and stop in all the beautiful spots along the way to take photos and gaze at the views, rather than regrettably passing these things by because of a schedule that’s set in stone. You also get to stop for the bathroom or a meal anytime it suits you, rather than uncomfortably waiting for “rest time”.

2. You can really relax and enjoy the ride.

If you are renting a car, you must know the rules of the road and be able to navigate the streets and terrain, figuring out what road signs mean when they’re in a different language. If you are at the wheel, you must look ahead of you. You can’t really enjoy the beautiful scenery you’re passing along the way, and you end up missing a lot of what travel is all about! In some countries, cars are often stopped by officials and there are specific ways to deal with them that only locals know. There is so much opportunity for trouble when you drive yourself while traveling. With private transport, all of these things are left to the driver-guide. You can sit back and enjoy the ride.

3. You can communicate.

Travel in a foreign country often involves language barriers. But with a private driver-guide by your side, you always have your own personal translator to help you through any and all situations.

4. You have an authentic experience with a knowledgeable local.

When you hire me as your driver-guide you know you are in good hands. You learn about the country, the areas you are traveling in, and the local customs and cuisine, while also getting to know your driver. Your driver-guide has special insider secrets to reveal, and will often take you somewhere unexpected and wonderful to ensure you have a priceless experience during your time with them. They might show you places that aren’t usually in the guide books, or restaurants frequented by locals rather than tourists. It could be a special breathtaking view point or a great little pastry shop.  You never know what it will be until you are there, but these experiences are often what is most memorable about your custom tour with a local private driver-guide.

With a private driver-guide by your side, the chances of unsolvable problems arising are slim to none. This kind of travel allows for the best possible chance of experiencing a vacation that surpasses your expectations.

Who hires a private driver-guide?

  • A group of friends, couples, looking to have a customized vacation without all the hassles of renting a car and simply wanted to be taken care of and spend time enjoying their vacation.
  • Families, who wish to spend time together as a family, creating memories, but do not wish to have to deal with the logistics, the stress of planning it for everyone, and deciding where to go out for dinner every night.
Is a Private Driver-guide worth it?

Clients on their 23 day private guided tour with Audrey as their driver-guide through Germany, Austria, Italy/Photo Audrey De Monte

We’ve always designed itineraries for guests who prefer not to drive but still want to get to off the beaten track. I am not only your private driver-guide for custom group tours, but I also work as a tour manager, and hire local professional drivers for groups of more than 8 guests and clients traveling on a customized itinerary.

How can Travels With Audrey help?

We’ve always designed itineraries for guests who prefer not to drive but still want to get to off the beaten track. I am not only your private driver-guide for small group tours and private groups of 7 or less guests, but I also work with my in-country associates hiring local professional drivers for groups of more than 8 guests and clients traveling on a customized itinerary.

PLEASE NOTE that we only schedule our expert private drivers and guides for guests booked on a customized private tour. We do not book these services separately.

Private guided tour with our local expert guide Carlos at the Alhambra/Photo Audrey De Monte

How does it work?

On most of our private tours or small group tours, the driver-guide will travel with guests for the duration of the vacation—especially for routes that are more complex and complicated on public transport, or when sightseeing is planned between locations.

For clients who prefer to have one driver-guide throughout their trip, we recommend you book this early on, as we book up quickly and must be reserved well in advance. Bear in mind that the price will include the daily fee plus driver’s accommodation, all meals, vehicle expenses, parking and road tolls. Your driver-guide will provide commentary on many places you are visiting.

Fun fact: you will connect with different guides for private city tours. Why can’t your driver-guide do this? In European cities, only locally trained and licensed tour guides are authorized to give commentary in monuments.

Planning a trip to Italy with family or friends? Audrey helps you make your vacation truly memorable by offering family and friends custom tours that promise a personalized experience you will not find anywhere else.