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Breathtaking Places in Northern Italy You Should Visit

October 21, 2021

Northern Italy’s riches are vast, varied, and yours to discover, from art-packed museums and mosaic-filled cathedrals to Roman ruins and hill towns amid vineyards that produce some of Europe’s best wines. You can dine at refined restaurants that casually flaunt their Michelin star ratings, or chow down with the locals at osterie (small local eateries)…

ETIAS: everything you need to know

October 20, 2021

Starting January 2023, non-EU citizens will be required to obtain travel authorization to enter the Schengen Area. But don’t worry – it’s not a visa, it’s inexpensive and as easy as a 20-minute online application form! Not happy about the changes? We understand. Traveling can already feel daunting at times and even more so with even…

Beautiful Towns and Villages to Visit in Tuscany

October 19, 2021
town of lucca

Visitors to Tuscany come for many reasons. Many come in search of fine art and medieval history, others to explore the extraordinary countryside and its rolling hills. Food lovers visit Tuscany to enjoy the wonderful cuisine and famous wines. Summer vacationers the beautiful beaches and islands. Students come to learn the Italian language and culture.…

Umbria vs. Tuscany: Which Region Should You Travel To?

April 22, 2021

Each Italian region is unique. For such a small peninsula, the diversity of history, art, culture, and cuisine from region to region is remarkable. At first glance, Umbria and Tuscany seem to have a lot in common. Both are celebrated for their medieval hilltop towns, spectacular scenery, and delicious food and wines; but each has…

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Emilia Romagna

April 21, 2021

How many of you have heard about the region of Emilia Romagna in Italy, or know where it is? I bet not many. This area is often overlooked, although there are many reasons to travel Emilia Romagna. Italy’s region of Emilia-Romagna, home to Bologna, Modena and Ravenna. Everyone traveling from Florence to Venice (or the…

Guide to Visiting Castilla la Mancha

April 16, 2021

Mention ‘Toledo, Spain’ to anyone you know and you might get a response. Mention ‘Castilla-La Mancha‘ and chances are, you’ll receive a blank look and a shrug of the shoulders. La Mancha comes from the Arabic word al Manshah, meaning dry land. The vast area is some of the most travelled, yet least visited or…

What to See and Do in Andalucia, Spain

February 11, 2021
what to see and do in Andalucia Spain

In this guide I share with you my personal must-sees in Andalusia plus some of my pro-tips to getting around this wonderful region which offers so much to see and do! I grew up here and spent over 20 years in this region showing clients, friends and family the best this region has to offer.…

Best Times of the Year for Wine Tours in Europe

February 11, 2021
Best Times of the Year for Wine Tours in Europe

People always ask us “when is the best time to come to the wine country in Europe” and the answer we always give is, the best times of the year for wine tours in Europe are May or June for good weather and less crowds and of course September and October during the harvest time.…

What to See and Do in Madrid

February 10, 2021
what to see and do in Madrid

While Madrid competes for attention against Barcelona’s trendy lifestyle and Spain’s sunny southern beaches, it is the Spanish capital’s diverse treasures that usually win hearts. From 17th-century plazas and world class art collections to flea markets and tapas festivals, there’s so much to explore and discover in Spain’s capital city. Whether you want to explore…

Best Day Trips from Madrid

February 10, 2021
12 day trips from Madrid

Madrid stands at the very center of Spain- geographically, culturally and politically. Madrid capital not only offers the culture and good times of a sophisticated, modern city but it also retains the charm and elegance of its early years. The power and glory of Madrid is reflected in its parks, plazas, boulevards and in the…

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