Come experience our local way of life


Come experience our local way of life

A special part of Italy is waiting for you

A tour takes you places and shows you things.

An experience involves all five senses, giving you the time and opportunity to fully immerse yourself in your surroundings.

With our Cultural Vacations in Friuli, you don't just visit Italy, you experience Italy.

The Italy that most people miss out on.
We do everything like locals, with locals.

"Italy's Friuli region is one of Europe's best kept secrets"

CNN Travel

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Friuli is still largely unexplored by large groups of tourists
Holding true to local Italian customs and traditions.

In fact, the food and wine is so special The New York Times named the province “Italy’s secret garden”

Friuli is also our home

It is a place filled with unexpected beauty and rich culture yet hard to appreciate fully if you are not a local, nor speak the language

Let me unlock the secrets of this special part of Italy and show you what is waiting for you here


Cheri and Doug, La Crescent MN

Audrey was amazing! We wanted very much to get to know the people and culture of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Audrey helped us do that in this less busy part of Italy. We went to the mountains, the ocean, the valleys, the plains of this region. We met people who made balsamic vinegar, wine, prosciutto, cheese, grappa, gubana and got to taste/sample all those products. We even had a zoom meeting with Audrey's husband to help us understand the WW1 history of the area. Finally, this was a first visit for us to a place where my husband's grandparents lived 100 years ago and left when they immigrated to America. Audrey figured out people who could help us track down important people and places in our family. We got to see the church where his grandparents were married and baptized, a bar owned by his family, 2 family houses, and even some cousins we never knew he had.  We could have done this trip by ourselves, but it would have taken hours and hours of planning and we would in no way had the relaxation we had nor the in-depth experiences that allowed us to really participate in the world of the FVG region. We would recommend Audrey whole heartedly and without reservation for the amazing trip she helped us experience.

You will love our Cultural Vacation if:

You prefer to hang out with the locals instead of in crowded tourist spots

You want to see the Italian backroads and hidden villages without the stress of driving a rental

You love food and are open to discovering regional cuisines, wines, and regional products

You like to venture off the beaten path and are looking to travel deeper and more authentically

You enjoy exploring new cultures and learning the traditions and customs of another way of life

You want to skip the logistics and planning and just relax and take in every single Italian moment

Ready for an authentic Italian travel experience in Friuli?

What sets our Cultural Vacations apart

Audrey on a cicchetti crawl with her clients Jean and Alan

Insider Access

Experiences you could never have on your own or with any other tour company


Hidden Gems

Boutique touring on backroads to small towns and sites where larger groups don't go

small group tours in friuli venezia giulia

Rich Cultural Experiences

Bringing you into the local lifestyle through customs and traditions


Travel with Audrey

Enjoy unmatched personal attention with your multi-lingual local host, like traveling with a friend


Escape the Crowds

Beyond the beaten path to the natural beauty and untouched surroundings


Regional Foods & Wines

Farm-to-table eateries and family-run trattorias and wineries

Ana, our guide in Aquileia

Expert Licensed Guides

Passionate locals share their stories giving you a deeper understanding

small group tours italy

Intimate Group Size

Join an exclusive group of 6-8 travelers who you will soon call friends


Time at Leisure

Flexibility to explore on your own, to make your own discoveries, wander or reflect

Property in wine country in Friuli Venezia Giulia/Photo Audrey De Monte

Curated Accommodations

Stay in locally-owned, carefully selected properties, reflecting local character, charm, comfort and service

Guests enjoying their breakfast at one of our accoomodation choices in Friuli

Unpack Only Once

Stay, relax and unpack only once, so you can feel like a local living in Italy

Prosciutto di San Daniele in Friuli

Supporting Local Businesses

Local producers, artisans, family-run businesses, emphasizing traditions and not tourist traps

My Promise to You

meet your local host and cultural guide for your private and small group tours of northern italy

By the end of this cultural vacation, you will:

Have an insider experience of our local way of life 

Visit hidden gems, explore back roads and small towns

Immerse in the local culture and seasonal traditions in a way few tourists do

Get up close and personal with people and places you didn't know existed

Come home with a deeper understanding and appreciation, new friends and lasting memories 

Yes, I am ready to experience Italy!

We truly appreciated your intelligent, enthusiastic, warm, witty and often personalized guidance throughout our wonderful trip to Italy. Your personal imprint was upon each of us who shared in this incredible adventure. A sincere thank-you for making it so very special for each and every one of us! I know that your expertise made everything seem so flawless, but that was all because of the hard work that you did behind the scenes.

Maureen and Peter

small group tours italy

Just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed sharing a little part of Italy with you and our other travel companions. The people, the food and wine, the culture, and the experiences will linger as vivid memories. Thank you for your personal involvement and caring that made everything seem to happen naturally. More than a one-time tour manager, I hope to count you as a new friend. We hope to share new travel experiences with you again.

Paul and Tammy


Audrey, you were truly the greatest tour manager any of us could ask for and Mack and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. As for the rest of the group, could the match-up have been any more perfect? Perhaps we were not always on our best behavior, but didn't we have fun as we soaked up a bit of culture here and there? The ancient ritual known as uncontrollable laughter is considered highly cultural, is it not?

Mack and Betsy

Mack and Betsy




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