10 Day Wine Tour in France

A customized private tour & retreat is the safest way to travel!

At Travels with Audrey we are committed to your safety. We are a family. A family company of dedicated guides, hoteliers, vetted suppliers, in-country associates  and most importantly you, our guests. Our priority has always been to not only keep clients safe, but to also deliver on our promise of an extraordinary travel experience. You’re in safe hands with specialists who are experts in their destinations and remain your single point of contact. We continue to monitor the Covid19 pandemic, following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization and the U.S. State Department along with local European Ministries of Health guidelines (social distancing, wearing a mask, stringent sanitary protocol).

We are evaluating conditions on a regular basis and are closely following the development and distribution of vaccines, as well as new airline protocols and procedures that will allow travelers to fly with a greater sense of safety and confidence. We are currently accepting bookings for private tours as well as our cultural immersion retreats. Since we keep close tabs on what is happening in the travel industry as a whole, and now in particular regarding the Covid19 pandemic, we are happy to report that Travels with  Audrey has adopted new travel policies for 2021 and beyond.

Europe will be back to sharing the stunning sites it is known for and we look forward to exploring together with you as you enjoy those unique experiences that are so rewarding. I would also like to thank you for choosing us for your travel plans and feel really good knowing that our travelers continue to be excited about their future trip with us, even if it might be a little later than they had hoped for. As a family run company and travelers ourselves, we remain committed to our mission: to give our customers the best possible experience in Europe.

Audrey De Monte, Owner and Founder/CITM, DEO, CTG

Small, Local, Well-Connected Mean More Than Ever

Many of the companies in the tour business are now stating that they will limit the size of their groups and visit less crowded destinations as a reaction to Covid-19. That is great, but our family run company has always conducted private tours & retreats for groups of 4 to 12 guests, so we are already smaller than those new “smaller groups” and our destinations are already significantly less crowded than those new uncrowded places. Simply put, that is who we already are. Some are using catch phrases lick “Small is the new Big,” and if that is true, ours should be “Even smaller is the new bigger.” So if smaller groups and less crowded places is the new goal, please know that is all we have been doing since we founded Travels with Audrey.

Travel after COVID-19: How do you wish to travel to Europe? In a small private group of your family and friends? Off the beaten path destinations away from large crowds? Private cooking classes, wine tours, small intimate hotels? That’s how we’ve been traveling for ten years (you might say that we were social distancing before it was even a thing). This means we will continue to enjoy excursions to non-touristy places, along with intimate visits with locals. With our cultural retreats you will be staying in boutique hotels, agriturismi, country homes, which means not mingling with large crowds of people. We handcraft itineraries with the visits, walks and activities that you would enjoy most when exploring. That flexibility in how you want to handcraft your own day, each day, is more important than ever.

In a time period when you are probably looking for a genuine, authentic, experience, our fully escorted private tours and cultural immersion retreats are truly the most boutique in the industry. Many companies tell you that they are well-connected and then they hand off the operations of your trip to another company they pay to operate your vacation. That’s one way to operate a tour company, certainly, but it’s not the way we like to travel. Audrey, your tour leader, is a LOCAL. That means that you travel with real, well-connected friends when you travel with Audrey.

NOTE: If you are especially at risk, we ask you to stay home for now or plan your travel for autumn 2021 and beyond.

Worry-Free Reservations for 2021 and Beyond…

Before You Depart On Your Vacation

Every communication, from your first contact until the end of your tour will be with Audrey. Dedicated just to you, to handcraft your itinerary, answer your questions, make sure you’re prepared, and be with you in Europe as your local host, tour leader, driver-guide. Audrey greets you at the airport and personally overseas all aspects of your tour. She does not outsource, as she believes your trip deserves the very best service and personal attention.

How we will protect our guests on our vacations

When we were initially hoping to be able to resume operations in early fall of 2020, we had implemented a plan that is very similar to what everyone has seen during the pandemic. There was to be deep sanitation of absolutely everything, every day, we were prepared to offer masks and hand sanitizer to all of our guests, to sanitize our vehicles between stops, do regular temperature checks, and much more.

That plan is still ready to the point that we can decide to implement it at a moment’s notice at any time in the future. However, given that we are not scheduled to resume vacations until Spring 2021 we are choosing to remain optimistic that by then many, if not all of this will no longer be a going concern. If this is the case, we will most certainly scale all of that back. However, knowing that people have different comfort zones, we will be sure to make masks and hand sanitizer available to anyone upon request. But if Covid-19 is still a concern by the time we start in 2021, we will be prepared to meet and exceed all CDC and WHO guidelines to fully protect not only our guests, but our team. In addition, even if the virus has passed, our team will continue to take extra precautions.

  • The first person you’ll meet to start your trip is your expert local leader, Audrey.
  • Travels with Audrey is known for memorable outdoor picnics and al fresco dining experiences (weather permitting), so expect a number of these during your trip.
  • On tours that utilize headsets (“Whispers”), your individual headset will be thoroughly sanitized prior to the tour and sanitizer will be provided to allow for regular cleaning.
  • None of our team will be in contact with any guests or other members of the team if they are sick.
  • Washing hands frequently, with antibacterial soap and hot water, for at least 20 seconds.
  • Proactively taking supplements to help boost immune system.
  • Covering mouth when coughing with the inside of elbow.
  • Getting plenty of rest and sleep.
  • Staying very hydrated.
  • Guests who develop cold or flu symptoms while on tour will be required to immediately seek professional medical care. Whether it is a pharmacy, a doctor visit, or a hospital stay, one of us is there, period. Whether it is a pharmacy, a doctor visit, or a hospital stay, one of us is there, period. We are there to translate, to help, to communicate with family back home, and help our guest get whatever care they need. We believe to leave a guest to figure out how to deal with that kind of thing in a foreign country is unconscionable, period.
  • All included features and activities to popular locations or sites will be rearranged to avoid large crowds—this may mean that we will arrive early or visit the location later in the day.

Enhanced Sanitation Standards Even if the Pandemic Has Passed

There are some things our local vendors have implemented that will remain no matter what. For example, our vehicles have been outfitted for full sanitation at all stops. In fact, these standards were featured on national news in Italy as an example to others. Additionally, all accommodations will continue to have enhanced full sanitation between guests, and those that offer daily housekeeping will give all guests the option to opt out of the housekeeping. No matter what, masks and sanitizer will always be available for those that desire them. Reducing transmission and stopping the spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility among us all. As always, our primary priority is the safety, well-being and happiness of our travelers.

Cancellation policy

For bookings paid in full for spring 2021 travel: We understand that you must decide for yourself, based on your own level of risk. That is precisely why when you book a trip with us, we ask you that you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to obtain trip cancellation insurance. This information is provided to you upon booking (with a required checkbox) and is then reiterated in our trip confirmation email.

Any guest who wishes to reschedule their private tour (based on availability), we will issue a travel credit for the new travel dates. This credit is equal to the amount already paid, minus non-refundable items. Rescheduled trips need to be booked and completed by 12/31/2022 and are subject to rate changes based on your new travel dates. Please note that, should you wish to cancel and not reschedule, the 30% deposit remains non-refundable as per our Terms and Conditions and you can claim this amount with your travel insurance.

For bookings not paid in full: Final payment for guests are now due 60 days prior to departure instead of 90 days.

Deferral Policy

  1. Travels with Audrey will not guarantee the present exchange rate, from Euro into American/Canadian dollars.
  2. Any changes to the Itinerary will be add-ons and charged accordingly.
  3. If changes require the use of different suppliers than quoted in the original tour, you will incur further expenses due to lack of space with the quoted supplier.
  4. Should the suppliers’ rates increase for the 2021/2022 season, you will incur the difference.
  5. The tour must be completed by 12/31/2022. Travels with Audrey will rebook the tour one time only. Should you decide not to take the tour by the designated date, the original deposit will be 100% non-refundable.

Standard Policy: Upon acceptance by Travels with Audrey of the 30% non-refundable deposit (Initial Tour Payment), the signed Liability Waiver and the completed Guest Registration form,  dates for the private tour are considered fully purchased and are not subject to cancellation.  Trip cancellation and interruption insurance is highly recommended to protect you and your investment in the event of the cancellation, postponement, or discontinuation of the Tour.

Please bookmark this page for updates or email us at travelswithaudrey@gmail.com if you have questions.

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