How Audrey Creates a Customized Itinerary for your Vacation

How Audrey Creates Your Custom Vacation

When you hire Audrey, and her team of in-country associates, for a customized itinerary for your vacation, Audrey follows a 5-step travel planning process in order to create a trip that is the best fit for you and your travel companions. Her process has been honed over more than a decade, creating once-in-a-lifetime personalized itineraries…

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Benefits of Hiring a Private Guide


What is a tour guide? Here at Travels with Audrey we call our local expert guides “local insiders”. Our local expert tour guides are a very important part of our small group tours and private guided tours. They have studied volumes of material and have worked hard to earn licenses that afford them special privileges and…

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How Audrey Prepares your Custom Tour Quote

questions we ask to quote a private customized itinerary and tour

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering a custom tour package. I am thrilled you might be interested in arranging it through Travels with Audrey, where each trip is unique and tailor-made.  To provide you with an accurate proposal for a Custom Trip, we need to know about you and the type of custom trip…

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Is Hiring a Private Driver-Guide Worth it?

Private driver-guide for spain, italy and france

There are so many choices when it comes to travel transportation, from renting a car, to booking group tours, to hiring private driver-guides. There is a huge benefit in hiring a driver-guide for your family and friends custom tour, like myself. Hiring a private driver-guide is more than just about the driving, it’s really about…

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What Makes Traveling with Audrey to Europe a Unique Experience

Every year since starting Travels with Audrey, I spend a few weeks traveling to specific locations in Europe to check out hotel properties, discover new restaurants, little gems and special locations that I would love to show my clients during their time in Europe. This year for the first time, I had a dear friend…

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Tips for a Successful Italy Family Vacation

Tips for a Successful Multigenerational Family Vacation to Italy

Regardless of the specific destinations included in an itinerary, multigenerational family vacations to Italy require a unique approach to planning. This type of trip needs to work for different energy levels and different schedules (naptime!) while allowing quality time together and an amazing experience for travelers of all ages. I have planned many family trips…

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Why Choose a Small Group Tour to Italy?

Why Choose a Small Group Tour in Italy?

I believe that most people would rather experience a country more authentically, but many simply don’t know how. Most travel agents only know about places that are marketed for tourists and large tour companies go where there is demand. Even suggestions from friends are most often based on their own experiences as a tourist, despite what…

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Benefits of a Custom Guided Italy Tour

Benefits of a Customized Private Guided Tour of Italy

Audrey not only offers cultural vacations in Friuli, but also works with guests that are looking for a customized experience for their family or friends vacation to Italy. No two itineraries, for a custom guided Italy tour, are the same. Though we find our small group tours to be a great way to meet new…

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