How to Find Quality Gelato in Italy

We are passionate about Italian food, from cooking classes and food tours, to sharing with you what to eat in different regions of Italy and of course how to find quality gelato in Italy. Italians are masters of food, they are very particular in the way things are done. Just because you’re eating gelato in…

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Christmas in Italy

christmas season in italy

The Christmas season in Italy starts on December 8th (Immaculate Conception) and ends on January 6th (Ephiphany). Christmas in Italy is festive, always spent with the family, with markets, lights, Christmas trees, and music in the streets. And the best part is that the Christmas season lasts an entire month! Italy’s Christmas markets The Christmas…

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Venice Is Not as Touristy as You Think

venice is not as touristy as you might think

Who can miss this Italian jewel? Each year, millions of tourists visit Venice, eager to see for themselves its world-famous beauty. Many are lured by the Grand Canal and the grandeur of St. Mark’s Square. This many tourists can make finding the real Venice a big chore. The good news? Many of the groups’ itineraries…

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Tips for a Successful Italy Family Vacation

Tips for a Successful Multigenerational Family Vacation to Italy

Regardless of the specific destinations included in an itinerary, multigenerational family vacations to Italy require a unique approach to planning. This type of trip needs to work for different energy levels and different schedules (naptime!) while allowing quality time together and an amazing experience for travelers of all ages. I have planned many family trips…

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Why is Winter a Great Time to Visit Italy?

why visit italy in the winter

When you think of Italy, visions of Rome’s historic attractions, Tuscany’s vineyards, or maybe the iconic Venetian canals.  But, Italy is more than a fair-weather destination.  In the winter, the country takes on a distinctive charm of its own. So why is winter a great time to visit Italy? You can avoid the heat, the crowds,…

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Why Choose a Small Group Tour to Italy?

Why Choose a Small Group Tour in Italy?

I believe that most people would rather experience a country more authentically, but many simply don’t know how. Most travel agents only know about places that are marketed for tourists and large tour companies go where there is demand. Even suggestions from friends are most often based on their own experiences as a tourist, despite what…

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Benefits of a Custom Guided Italy Tour

Benefits of a Customized Private Guided Tour of Italy

Audrey not only offers cultural vacations in Friuli, but also works with guests that are looking for a customized experience for their family or friends vacation to Italy. No two itineraries, for a custom guided Italy tour, are the same. Though we find our small group tours to be a great way to meet new…

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Why Visit Emilia-Romagna?

Emilia-Romagna is often mistaken as one region, when in fact it is actually an uneasy union of two provinces joined together in 1945. These two provinces could not be more different. Emilia is sometimes referred to as the bread basket of Italy, the home of Parmigiano-Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Culatello, and the balsamic vinegar of…

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What Is An Agriturismo?

what is an agriturismo

For a long time, agriturismi (Italian “farm-stays”) have been Italy’s best-kept accommodation secret, at least until now. But what is an agriturismo? Well, yes — it’s a “farm-stay.” But it’s also much, much more… and, we think, the best way to experience Italy’s countryside! Here’s why — plus three myths, and one often-forgotten truth, about Italy’s farm-stays. The…

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