Jewels of Andalucia & Madrid

insider tips for visiting the alhambra in granada

Jewels of Andalucia & Madrid

12 Days/11 Nights

Private Guided Tour (minimum 6 guests)

Preferred dates

$TBD 2024

The Passion, the Fire, and the Colors of España


DAY 1:  Arrival day in Madrid

DAY 2:  Cordoba and its Mezquita

DAY 3:  Granada & exclusive olive oil experience

DAY 4:  The Moorish palace, Alhambra

DAY 5:  White villages of Andalucia, Ronda

DAY 6:  Enjoy the beauty of Ronda

DAY 7:  Sherry experience in Jerez de la Frontera

DAY 8:  Sevilla with its amazing sites

DAY 9:  Cooking class, Flamenco show

DAY 10: High speed train to Madrid

DAY 11: Private walking tour of Madrid

DAY 12: Departure Day. You may choose to extend your time with Audrey in Spain by adding a few days in Madrid, day trips to Avila, Segovia or several days in Barcelona, before or after the tour. For pricing contact Audrey. 

**Private guided tours only**
(minimum 6 people in your private group)


  • Relax in the care of your dedicated local tour leader
  • Be immersed in Moorish-style opulence at the UNESCO world heritage site, the Alhambra
  • Explore the heart of Andalusia, where palaces, cathedrals and quaint villages all have a story to tell
  • Savor tasty regional cuisine & wine in authentic local restaurants
  • Taste the olive oil pressed at a traditional mill
  • Experience the Triana food market tour & paella cooking class in Seville
  • Enjoy an intimate Flamenco Show in Granada
  • See the charming "pueblos blancos" (white villages) of Andalucia
  • Explore the Jewish Quarter and incredible Mezquita in Cordoba

PRICING: $TBD for 2024 (based on double occupancy)


Madrid, Granada, Ronda, Cordoba, Sevilla

Arrival & Departure Airport: Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport (MAD)

Experience the magic of Spain on this "best of southern Spain and Madrid 12 day small group tour itinerary". Spain provides some of the richest cultural heritage to be found anywhere in Europe from ancient Roman and Moorish influences to traditional Andalusian cuisine.  It is an exotic and diverse country with an ancient history and heritage. Spain will dazzle you with architectural feats and artistic treats, enrich you with historic treasures and nourish you with sherry and tapas! From charismatic cities to sleepy villages dotted with white washed houses and olive groves, Spain never fails to open up travelers’ eyes, minds and hearts.

Andalusia is the land of olive groves and rolling hills of almond blossoms, flamenco dancers and gypsy songs, bullfighting and fiestas. This fascinating region offers the visitor an incredible medley of sights, sounds, tastes and scents. The enduring influence of the Islamic culture (which ruled much of the Iberian Peninsula until the 12th century) lends an eastern feel to the region’s architecture and gastronomy, while the Romani and north-African population add a distinctive quality to the people of Andalusia.

As your local host for the duration of your trip, I would like to take you straight to the soul of Spain by guiding you, not only to famous sites, but also to my favorite places off the beaten path where you can enjoy the rhythm of daily life.  Whether you love culture, cuisine, family fun or a bit of everything, this hand-crafted tour offers you an unforgettable taste of Spain.

Suggested time to travel: April/May and Sept/Oct
It is very hot in Spain during the summer.

Day to day itinerary

This itinerary is subject to change and for private guided tours, Ronda can be replaced by Nerja and Frijiliana

DAY 1:  Arrival day into Madrid & high speed train to Cordoba

I will be waiting for you with our driver at baggage claim for our transfer to your hotel in Cordoba with a stop in Consuegra to visit the famed Don Quixote windmills and a special lunch of La Mancha specialties (included). 

After checking-into your boutique hotel in the historical center of the city, you'll join your fellow travelers for an orientation walk of Cordoba to get acquainted with the city and the major sites.

The orientation tour will finish at a very traditional restaurant for your included welcome dinner, specializing in Jewish cuisine, located right in the heart of the Juderia (the Jewish quarter), which continues to bring the Sephardic tradition to the table.

Cordoba, former capital of the Muslim Caliphate of Al Andalus, one of Andalusia's eight provincial capitals, stands on the banks of the River Guadalquivir northeast of Seville. Cordoba is an unhurried city, known for its abundant courtyards (or patios as they are called locally), flowers dangling from balconies and narrow winding streets. The city was founded around 169 B.C. by the Roman praetor Claudius Marcelus and was the birthplace of Seneca. The city boomed under the Arabs and, on the arrival of the Caliphate, became the most civilized and sophisticated city in 10th-century Europe. During this century, Cordoba had nearly 1,000 mosques, 600 public baths and street lighting (700 years before either London or Paris). Cordoba´s sophistication attracted numerous intellectuals, scholars, poets, doctors and philosophers. Later, the city was conquered by the Christians and this equally important legacy can still be seen today.

DAY 2:  Cordoba

Following breakfast, meet your expert local Cordoba guide at your hotel and spend the morning exploring the city that was the great Moorish capital of Al Andalus. A walk around the old Jewish quarter gives the sensation that little has changed since the 10th century. You have pre-booked tickets to visit the Mosque-Cathedral or Mezquita which is without doubt one of the most famous constructions in all of Andalusia and is one of the largest mosques in the Islamic world. The original Mosque was built between 786 and 788 by Abd ar-Rahman, but over the centuries, many additions and extensions have been made. Following the Christian conquest, it was consecrated as a Cathedral in 1236. The Mezquita of Cordoba is one of the most emblematic monuments in Europe, and a unique example of the interplay of Christian and Muslim cultures in Spain.

Visit the Synagogue built in 1314, a beautiful Mudejar building nearly perfectly preserved and the only synagogue in Spain from that time not to have been turned into a Christian building. See Almodovar gate or ‘Gate of the Jews’ as it is known locally and the monument to the great Jewish doctor and philosopher, Maimonides. Also see beautiful courtyard patios for which Cordoba is so famous.

After lunch, I recommend a walk to the Roman bridge across the Guadalquivir river. You may wish to visit the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos (Fortress of the Christian Monarchs) a Mudejar palace from 14th century with a beautiful Moorish garden complex and the Viana Palace

DAY 3: Granada & exclusive olive oil experience

Enjoy a leisurely morning before we continue East today to the unforgettable city of Granada, which was the last strong hold of the Moorish empire in southern Spain until it fell to the Catholic kings in 1492. Granada (Gáranata) was once the grandest city in Spain!  Set at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, it is the most visited of all Andalusian cities.

On the way, we will stop in the small town of Montilla for an exclusive experience. Learn about the different types of olives and the region’s olive oil, Spain’s “liquid gold”, ending the tour with an olive oil tasting and some light tapas. This area produces olive oil of such high quality it has gained its own Denominacion de Origen (DO) a designation that indicates the product’s unique geographic origins, production process and quality.

Spain is the largest producer of Olive Oil in the world and 80% of Spanish total production is in Andalusia. The production of olive oil in Spain dates back almost 6,000 years ago with the settlement of Phoenician and Greeks. Ever since then, olive oil has continued to be an integral base of most Spanish cuisine. Similarly, Spanish wine has been elevated to the status of one of the best wines in the world for its wide variety of grapes and exquisite taste.

In the evening, after you checked in to your boutique hotel located in the heart of the city, join your local host, for a short orientation walk around the ancient Albayzín neighborhood, the old Moorish quarter that has hardly changed since the 15th century, to end up at the famous viewpoints overlooking the incredible Alhambra, Plaza San Nicolas.The Albayzín is Granada’s oldest Arab district, situated on the hill across from the Alhambra. In the 13th century it was a prosperous district with a slew of palaces and villas. Later, it became a maze of narrow streets and squares combined with a multitude of whitewashed houses.

Relax during dinner at an included "Carmen" (a traditional Granada house with a large garden of vines and fruit trees) with stunning views of the Alhambra in the Albayzín.

DAY 4:  Granada & the Alhambra

Today, following breakfast, meet your expert guide for a private guided visit of the Alhambra Palace and Generalife Gardens, with pre-booked tickets included.

This complex of palaces, a UNESCO world heritage site, built around courtyards of flowering trees, pools and fountains is often hailed as the most exciting, sensual and romantic of all European monuments. It’s beauty shows the brilliance and spirit of the Moorish culture in Andalusia at a time when the rest of Europe was only just beginning to emerge from the Dark Ages. You will also tour the Generalife - the summer palace and gardens of the Sultans. It is one of the oldest surviving Moorish gardens. It is one of the oldest surviving Moorish gardens. Prepare to be wowed by the water features and courtyards.

More than just a palace, it is an entire walled city within the city. There are royal apartments, forts, gardens, pavilions, barracks, and sumptuous gardens that offered protection from the summer heat. With a local expert, we will explore the Nasrid Palaces, the most spectacular Islamic buildings in Europe, dating from the 13th century and filled with Arabic inscriptions and geometrical patterns, perfectly proportioned rooms and chambers, and peaceful courtyards.

The Alhambra began modestly as a fort around 889 CE. It gradually fell into ruins and was transformed in the 11th century by the Moorish sultan of Granada into a palace. Moorish poets described it as “a pearl set in emeralds.” It later became a royal residence of the Nasrid dynasty but was eventually abandoned after the Christian re-conquest. Finally, it was “rediscovered” in the 19th century and restorations began. Today, it is one of the world’s most significant examples of Islamic art and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Next, we will explore the adjacent Generalife, the summer palace and private retreat of the sultans. This was where they escaped official court life and its burdens, to relax and reflect amid exceptional man-made beauty.

You’ll also visit the Royal Chapel, “Capilla Real”,  commissioned by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand as their final resting place. They selected Granada because it was where the Reconquista, the military campaign of nearly 800 years to defeat the Moors, ended. It was built next to the Cathedral of Granada in an Isabelline Gothic style. 

Enjoy the rest of the afternoon at leisure.

DAY 5:  Ronda

Your private driver and guide will meet you at your hotel after breakfast and transfer you safely, in a little over 2 hours, to your centrally located hotel in Ronda.

Ronda is one of the most spectacularly located towns in Andalusia, and sits on a massive rocky outcropping. It is also one of the gateways to the Pueblos Blancos (White Villages). The Puente Nuevo or New Bridge, an impressive 18th century construction over the steep El Tajo Gorge (nearly 100 m deep) joins old Ronda with new Ronda.

This fairytale setting dating back to Roman times, has attracted the likes of Ernest Hemingway, who based “For Whom the Bell Tolls” on this city, as well as Orson Wells, whose ashes are buried on a bull farm just outside of town. The interior of Andalucía is responsible for many of the memorable images we have of Spain. Ronda is considered the spiritual home of bullfighting, having one of the country’s oldest bullrings. Other highlights include the old town with its lovely old palaces, of which the Mondragon Palace (now a museum) stands out.

After you have checked in to your hotel, your host will take you on a relaxing orientation walk, exploring the old town which Hemingway called the most romantic in Spain. 

DAY 6:  Sunday - Ronda

Today, after breakfast, you'll meet your expert local Ronda guide. Discover firsthand the beauty of Ronda on this private walking tour. Explore the city's most iconic monuments and sights and one of Spain's oldest bullfighting rings. 

This afternoon is at your leisure to relax and enjoy Ronda. 

DAY 7:  White Villages, Jerez de la Frontera, Seville

Today, we’ll take the road less traveled as your private driver and guide meet you at the hotel after breakfast and transfer you safely to Seville and your centrally located boutique hotel, with a few wonderful stops along the way.

“Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos”: the beauty of the Sierra de Grazalema region is unmatched in Spain. Its combination of dramatic mountain scenery and splendid whitewashed villages makes you half expect to see medieval Berber farmers and Christian knights. Andalucía contains scores more white towns, all similar in their outward appearance, but each, on closer inspection, hiding distinctly different cultures and personalities. 

Discover, on our first stop, Setenil de las Bodegas, one of Andalucia’s most charming and unique white towns. It’s an extraordinary sight where many of the town’s homes are built underneath huge rock overhangs. About 3,000 people live here, some in the ancient caves where it’s believed the first residents arrived 12,000 years ago during the Stone Age, then through to Roman times. However, when the Islamic Moors arrived 1,300 years ago, they built a modern fortified town with a castle and also took advantage of the cool caves and areas under the rock to store goods. 

In Jerez de la Frontera, the hub of sherry wine production. Made from the Palomino grape, sherish, the Arabic term for sherry, follows just behind Flamenco and bullfighting in popularity for southern Spaniards. Authentic sherry is gaining popularity again, especially amongst lovers of fine wine. Sherry offers an incredible range of styles from the driest to the sweetest of wines. They are also great wines for matching with food, not just as aperitifs. Visit a small family-run bodega for a tour including a detailed explanation of the unique sherry-ageing process. You will taste their exceptionally fine Sherries drawn directly from the cask – not a usual occurrence! 

Then we make our way to the city of Seville, the capital of Andalusia situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. Seville is the most cosmopolitan of its neighbors, and a storied city that has been Andalusia's seat of power and glory for nearly 1000 years.

Known as Hispalis in Roman times, Seville was taken by the Moors in 712 and remained a Muslim capital until the 13thcentury. Between 1503 and 1718 Seville had a monopoly as the only trading port between Spain and the Americas, becoming extravagantly wealthy and spawning a Golden Age of arts and literature. Seville is one of Europe’s sunniest cities – hence the orange trees growing everywhere. The combination of Moorish, Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque architecture through the city center’s compact maze of narrow streets really is a sensory overload by day or by night. The entire city comes to a standstill for the Feria and Easter week as the city celebrates tradition and community. For the rest of the year, it’s a perfect place to unwind, explore and of course, eat! You’ll find the same influences you see in the architecture has also trickled through to the food. Don’t be surprised to see film crews around. The Games of Thrones series has been filmed here recently and the city is attracting a lot of attention from a new fan base.

DAY 8: Tuesday - Seville

After breakfast, your expert local Seville guide will meet you at your hotel to show you Seville’s Barrio Santa Cruz (the old Jewish quarter), Sevilla's oldest neighborhood. You’ll see the cathedral that houses the remains of Christopher Columbus. Standing on the site of a great mosque, the structure features mudejar, gothic, renaissance, baroque and neo-classical styles, as well as the old minaret of the Arab mosque. Make sure to climb the ramps to the Giralda, 343-ft bell tower, that offers outstanding views over the city. Construction of the cathedral lasted more than 100 years, paid for partly by gold and silver from the New World. One altar is made entirely of Mexican silver.

You'll also visit the Alcazar, the site of the marriage between Carlos V and Isabel of Portugal in 1526. This UNESCO listed World Heritage Site incorporates architectural and artistic influences from its beginnings as a Moorish fort into the Middle Ages and on through the Renaissance and Baroque eras to the 19th century. Still used by the royal family, it is the oldest royal palace in Europe and one of the most beautiful with its striking Mudéjar (Moorish influenced) design and ornamentation.

Flamenco Show included: Tonight you are in for a special treat as we'll take in a traditional Flamenco Show. Flamenco is a traditional Andalusian art form of enigmatic origins. While it is generally accepted that flamenco made its appearance as a recognizable art form in the 18th century, music and dance have been part of popular culture for untold ages with influences from the nearly eight centuries of Moorish rule as well as Roma (gypsy) culture. We will learn about different styles of flamenco that share three classic elements: cante (song), toque (guitar), and baile (dance), then enjoy a performance.

DAY 9:  Seville

More and more people are learning that Spain is a top culinary destination —not just the home of the famous paella, Spanish omelette and gazpacho.  Spain now boasts some of the world’s best and most renowned chefs and restaurants, along with a great variety of styles. 

Today, you'll enjoy a fun included Cooking Class and discover the delights of Spanish & Andalusian cuisine. This small group activity includes a visit to the Triana Food Market, where you will learn about locally grown products and participate in the selection of some ingredients that will be used later in the class. You will also meet some of the vendors, who have been there for generations. During the class, guests have the chance to get involved in the preparation of a 4 course menu, directed by an English speaking professionally trained chef. Classes are designed for both novice and experienced cooks who will be able to learn and develop new techniques and skills.

After the class, dine on what has been cooked, accompanied by wine. The activity takes roughly 4 hours (including eating time). 

Enjoy the rest of the day at leisure for personal exploration or perhaps even a siesta! There is so much to see in Seville, and your local host can certainly help you with what you could visit on your own! We do recommend a visit to Plaza España, set amidst the wonderful gardens of Maria Luisa Park. Built in 1929 for the Ibero-American Exhibition (World’s Fair) it is an impressive example of Renaissance Revival style architecture.

DAY 10:  Madrid

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the Seville train station to take the high speed train to Madrid. Your private driver will meet you on arrival and transfer you to your centrally located Madrid hotel. 

The remainder of the day is at leisure.  Your pre-booked entrance ticket to the Prado Museum could be used this afternoon if you wish or tomorrow.

Madrid stands at the very center of Spain –geographically, culturally and politically. Madrid not only offers the culture and good times of a sophisticated, modern city but it also retains the charm and elegance of its early years. The power and glory of Madrid is reflected in its parks, plazas, boulevards and in the pride and panache of today’s Madrilenos. 

Among the splendid attractions of Madrid are the Prado Museum, home to masterworks of Goya, Velazquez and El Greco; the 19th century Villahermosa Palace now the Thyssen-Bornemizsa Museum; the Reina Sofia Art Centre showcasing more than 300 modern works by Dali, Miro and Picasso among others; the 18th century Royal Palace on the lovely Plaza de Oriente; the bustling Puerta del Sol with its many shops, restaurants and tapas bars; Rastro Market on Sundays one of the oldest outdoor markets in Europe; and Retiro Park for strolling while admiring local artists and buskers.

This evening, enjoy an included tapas tour with our local guide:  You’ll take part in a guided small group tapas tour with all food and drinks included. It’s a great way to experience Madrid’s most interesting and authentic bars and restaurants without the research or guesswork. Your guide will recommend the wines and other drinks to try and will order specialty tapas at each bar or tavern. Your guide will talk about the history of tapas, the types of tapas served in Madrid and elsewhere in Spain and will also give you a history of the neighborhood you are visiting as well.

DAY 11: Madrid

After breakfast, you’ll be met at your hotel by your expert local Madrid guide who will take you on a private tour of the historic city center. You’ll enjoy visiting such places such as the Plaza del Sol, Plaza Mayor as well as the Mercado San Miguel (one of Madrid’s famous food markets) Plaza de la Villa, Plaza del Oriente and the Royal Palace (entrance tickets included).  

The stunning Royal Palace is the largest in Europe by floor area, with 3,418 rooms covering 1,450,000 square feet (135,000 square meters). It is no longer the royal family's home, but continues to be the site of official ceremonies and state occasions. Built in the 18th Century on the site of the old Alcázar fortress, it was inspired by Bernini’s sketches for the Louvre in Paris with courtyards, galleries and a parade ground. Particularly notable are the Royal Armory, the Hall of Mirrors, masterpieces by Caravaggio, El Greco, de Flandes, Goya, Madrazo, Morales, Rubens, Sorolla, Velázquez, and many more.

This afternoon, in your time at leisure, you can choose to visit other wonderful sites in Mardrid like, for example, the world-famous Prado Museum. The superb royal collection was assembled by Hapsburg and Bourbon Spanish monarchs from the 16th to early 19th centuries. The museum opened to the public in 1819 and has collected thousands of paintings since as well as sculptures, prints and drawings. Among the masterpieces are works by Bosch, Dürer, El Greco, Goya, Mantegna, Raphael, Rubens, Titian, Tintoretto, Van Eyck, Velázquez, and many more. Nine new galleries have been added since 1950. The Prado has become a prized destination for art lovers.

Meet back with the group in the lobby to go to a local restaurant for our last included delicious "farewell" dinner together!

DAY 12: Departure day

After breakfast, you’ll be collected at your hotel by a private driver who will transfer you to Madrid International Airport for your departure.

Pre and post tour options available for Barcelona, Avila, Segovia or El Escorial. Please check with Audrey regarding pricing. 

What's Included

What's Included

  • Private transportation while on tour (air conditioned vans or luxury mini buses)-mineral water on vehicle at all times
  • Transfers from and to the airport in Madrid
  • Train tickets between Sevilla and Madrid
  • Relax in the care of your host, Audrey
  • Unwind for 11 nights in hand-picked, heart of the cities, accommodations:
    • 2 nights in Cordoba 
    • 2 nights in Granada
    • 2 night in Ronda 
    • 3 nights in Sevilla 
    • 2 nights in Madrid 
  • Meals included: daily breakfast, 3 dinners (welcome, Granada, farewell) and 1 tapas tour
  • Private walking tours with local expert English speaking tour guides in Madrid, Granada, Ronda, Cordoba, Sevilla 
  • Skip the lines with prepaid entrance fees to:
    • Royal Palace in Madrid
    • Mezquita in Cordoba
    • Cathedral and Alcazar in Seville
    • Alhambra in Granada with Generalife
    • Royal Tombs in Granada
    • Plaza de Toros in Ronda
  • Free time for you to choose your own optional experiences 
  • Gratuities for drivers and restaurant staff at included meals (additional gratuities can be given at the sole discretion of each individual traveler).
  • Country specific information packet before departure
  • Hand-picked experiences:
    • taste local wines and sherries in traditional bodegas
    • enjoy an exquisite lunch on your private visit of an olive oil mill
    • watch a soul stirring-Flamenco show
    • peruse a local market followed by a private cooking lesson where you learn to make salmorejo and paella
    • discover the art of eating tapas
  • Discover Spain's cuisine: Our hand-crafted itinerary includes wonderful experiences with local cuisine as you enjoy a variety of included dinners (as indicated on the itinerary) at authentic Spanish restaurants. 
  • Taxes & Fees: Local VAT taxes and government fees, City Tax, gas, highway tolls, city access licenses and permits, parking fees.

NOTE: In the grand European traditions, I believe that dinner is a celebration of good food and wine, a celebration of culture and a celebration of family and friendship. Hosting this celebration is one of the joys of being a tour manager.  I guide you to your favorite dish … or help you choose something you’ve never tried before. I choose the perfect wines and throw in some local delicacies to broaden your palate and surprise you a bit. When we are at a cooking lesson or a wine tasting, rest assured that you'll go home with new knowledge that will increase your appetite for more. On every tour, I have included dinners as a group as well as nights on your own. Of course, you are always invited to join me at my favorite places or as I explore new and interesting restaurant finds. I also have a lot of recommendations and would be happy to make reservations for you.

Audrey's Gold Standard

I've personally tried, tasted and tested every single experience, ensuring quality and authenticity.  If it doesn’t meet my personal stamp of approval, it won’t be on your tour!  

What is not included

  • Passport fees, visa fees, immunization costs, entry clearing fees (when applicable)
  • Optional enhancements like room upgrades
  • Additional sightseeing, activities and experiences outside of your itinerary
  • Early check-in or late check-out from hotels
  • Personal charges such as laundry, phone calls, SIM cards or room service
  • Lunches, dinners and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), unless specified in the itinerary
  • Travel insurance (strongly recommended)
  • Your international and domestic airfare
  • Porterage: Please note that you'll need to carry your own luggage up and down stairs at hotels and across cobblestone

Be a part of a cultural melting pot of Moorish, Jewish, and Christian history, from extraordinary architecture to endless culinary delights.

What Audrey's clients are saying...


Shelly and Lalan from Dallas TX

Our trip to Friuli with Audrey and Manlio was incredible! From the first contact with Audrey (thanks to a Google search!) through the planning process, we felt confident about her professionalism and attention to detail. What we didn't know until our trip began is how much fun and local insight Audrey and Manlio would bring to the whole experience. Audrey was quick to laugh with us, to anticipate our every need, and to prepare us for each day's adventures. Manlio was a steady presence, handling driving and sharing stories and memories that enhanced our trip. Their love for Friuli is evident, and it's contagious! Our trip was everything we hoped for and more. We're telling everyone to head to Friuli to see a different side of Italy. There are no better guides to the region than Audrey and Manlio. Grazie to you both! 


Carolyn and Roger from Dallas TX

We have had the most memorable trip to beautiful Italy, made all the better by working with Travels With Audrey.  We were keen to explore the region of Friuli and the region surpassed our expectations.  Experiencing the history, cuisine and wine of this special region was a daily joy. Having Audrey and Manlio as our main guides made all hassles and irritations of international travel melt away as we were effortlessly transported to our tours, meals and activities.  The hotels arranged by Audrey were beautifully appointed and perfectly located.  We found the pre-trip booklet very helpful in planning for and packing for the trip. She crafted a perfectly paced journey, hired wonderfully educational and knowledgeable guides and attended to all our needs along the way.  Audrey and Manlio provided a great balance of help and guidance during the day while also allowing us time on our own to explore and discover cities and sights on our own.

We took a chance hiring Audrey to lead us on our trip and we were blessed with great fortune in discovering her services.  We cannot overemphasize how our travel to the amazing region of Friuli was enhanced by doing so with Audrey and Manlio.  We look forward to meeting them again as dear friends when we return in the future.

Clients on their private guided tour with Audrey in northern Italy, here grappa tasting

Kathy and Rich from Ann Arbor MI

We had a family adventure with 13 of us, ages 1 to 67 years old, related as brothers, sisters, in-laws, cousins, and grandchildren.  Audrey spent two weeks with the whole gang as our Tour Manager and then my husband Rich and I stayed on another week with Audrey to see sites in Northern Italy with her as our driver-guide. The whole trip was AWESOME.  We made marvelous memories together.  Audrey was terrific at meeting the needs of this diverse group.  She took us to special spots that we had visited with her 5 years before.  That is one of the reasons we selected her to help guide us and she far exceeded our expectations.  She also added many new treasures to enjoy and share with each other.  Audrey is organized, knowledgeable, fun, flexible, curious, thoughtful, energetic, discreet, adventurous, and sentimental. We enjoyed Audrey’s tour and her company as she shared her favorite spots with us along the way.  We ate things that surprised us  and went to places that we would never have found on our own. Audrey was our constant guide and friend.  Tomorrow night I am meeting with the family to begin planning a trip with Audrey to France in the fall!

a unique european travel experience

Michelle from Litchfield ME

Traveling with Audrey is no ordinary kind of guided travel. Although it can be “interesting” to see the sights that all tourists “should see” (according to tour companies and travel books), I look for more than that. I want to experience what living around those sights is all about – the land, the people, the history and the connection between these that results in different cuisines, traditions, and cultural ways. And that’s what makes Audrey a one-of-a-kind tour manager for me. Because that’s just what she delivered. If you’ve ever visited family/friends in another country who have shown you around, taken you to their favourite places and given you some background into what you were seeing (and did all the driving and talking to locals!), then you know what I mean. It’s a kind of deep immersion into more of the life a local person experiences.

For example, we were in a shop in Italy where all kinds of pasta and sauces were sold. The shop owner clearly was passionate about the products she was selling, as evident by the dialogue between her and Audrey (who btw, is also an enthusiastic foodie!). I tried asking about the pasta, but the shop owner’s English was very limited, and I have no Italian. She struggled to find even a few words to explain which pastas went with what sauces. Audrey came over and with her help translating, I was able to learn so much from the shop owner. Afterwards, she even remarked to Audrey how nice it was for her to be able to explain in greater detail what I was looking at. And that is something that would not have happened had I been on my own or travelling with a tour company on a preset itinerary.  Her amazing ability to flip between several languages, her extensive and personal knowledge of the areas, its history, her ability to connect with locals and let's not forget her incredible driving skills in the mountains and narrow city streets have made this a trip of a lifetime! No stress, no hassles, less crowds. Travels With Audrey has my highest recommendation!


Gail, Bill, Bruce, Tom and Lil from Dallas TX and Tulsa OK

Thank you, Audrey for the “perfect tour” of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.  Our merry little band of “over 70” year olds would have never made this trip on our own, nor would we have tolerated a big bus tour.  Your planning, time management and adjustments to our daily needs and itinerary were invaluable.  We especially enjoyed your personalized booklet as it was a great resource for our pre-trip travel planning.  The daily tour information with history and highlights of all our destinations was also very helpful.  The museums, boat and train rides, castles, wine tastings and your little surprises were enjoyed by all.  Most of all we got to enjoy these countries through all the food experiences you planned.  The Parmigiano-Reggiano, Balsamic Vinegar and Prosciutto tours were all interesting and tasty. 

Speaking of food, all the restaurants you took us to for lunch and dinner were over the top when it came to ambiance, scenic views and crazy good food.   We dinned everywhere from a ski gondola to a wine cave to hillside restaurants – fantastic.  These are just a few of the reasons we chose you for the second time to guide us on our lengthy tour.  Lastly, thank you for driving us over 2,200 miles, through 4 countries, in a span of 3 weeks so we could enjoy the beautiful countryside of these amazing countries….and did I mention the FOOD.  This was a once-in-a-lifetime trip for us that we all enjoyed and could not imagine entrusting anyone but you with coordinating this trip.  You have spoiled us rotten when it comes to traveling. Thank you for everything, Gail, Bill, Lil, Tom and Bruce

Italy off the beaten path

Janet and Timothy from Seattle WA

After some research online we found and liked Audrey’s website and decided she would be a good fit for the kind of tour we had in mind, which entailed the availability of Audrey as our driver-guide who confidently drove us around well-known and lesser-known regions of Italy allowing us to discover little known locations and enjoy wonderful food and delicious wines along the way. The best part of it was the complete ability to let the trip just happen, without having to worry about anything. From driving itineraries to hotels, private guided tours in Rome and the Vatican to wine tastings and suggestions for places to eat, Audrey took care of it all for us. I would absolutely recommend Travels with Audrey, especially if you are looking for a private tour and do not want the hassle of planning or driving in a foreign country.  Audrey introduced us to parts of Italy we did not know existed! Our understanding and appreciation for Italy are now so much deeper that we would like to go back and re-visit some of those areas. By far the most notable experiences included observing the truffle hunting dogs at work in Umbria. We then had the opportunity to watch fresh pasta being made from scratch followed by a hearty lunch, accompanied by good local wines. All of this at their private home as if we part of their family. Wild boar home smoked “salame”, fresh pasta with a delicious truffle sauce…all of it conspired to creating lots of very fond memories! 

Lesia and Kenneth

Lesia and Kenneth from Grand Rapids MI

Our small group of eight saw Paris and Provence in 10 days with each day full of adventure and new experiences to our senses. This was our second trip using Audrey as our traveling guide. Our first trip was to Italy and with our 12 year old son. We did not hesitate to sign up for Audrey's small group tour to France when we received the information. Audrey is not just a guide, but becomes a friend who advocates for her guests. 

Audrey speaks 5 languages and has much knowledge about the places she takes her guests. When you travel with Audrey ALL logistics are taken care of. She is very detailed oriented and ensures that each guest is comfortable. Her trips are smooth and seamless. Tickets for museums and other events are purchased in advance and Audrey's group is ushered in; not waiting in long lines. Audrey hires expert tour guides for museums and villages who enrich your experience and bring history back to life. In France, we visited some main attractions, but then dove deep off the beaten path to feel the pulse of daily life in quaint villages. I liked it that in Provence we stayed in one Inn as our base camp and then drove to different villages from there. It was a comfort to have such a beautiful Inn to call our home for seven days while in Provence, where each guest had their own veranda. We enjoyed ancient Roman ruins, places where Van Gogh lived, open air markets, medieval castles, and a day on the Mediterranean in a boat swimming and exploring the Calanques. We learned about French wines and olive oils. We visited a beautiful lavender store where we learned about the different lavenders. Audrey knows how to put a trip together and is tuned into each guest to make sure everyone is comfortable. We are looking forward to doing more trips with Audrey.


Tara and Mark from Leawood KS

This was our second trip with Audrey and once again, the service she provides is top-notch. Her itineraries are a blend of must-see attractions and unique, off-the-beaten path experiences, with unplanned time for you to explore on your own. Audrey takes care of every detail so you can focus on enjoying your time abroad. She chooses hotels, restaurants, and experiences that are charming, upscale and authentic. Fluent in multiple languages, she has solid cultural knowledge of many European countries, and chooses excellent local guides who provide deeper context and history. We love traveling with Audrey, and can’t wait for our next trip with her!

guests enjoying a private cicchetti crawl with Audrey in Venice

Jean and Alan from Denver CO

We highly recommend Audrey and here’s why: During the planning phase of our trip we emailed back & forth a lot.  We changed our entire itinerary from what we started with when we first met with Audrey to our final trip.  Audrey was so accommodating with all of our “changing our minds” on where we wanted to go and things we wanted to see.  She found new things to do when we went a new direction.  Audrey planned the vacation exactly the way we wanted it. Every detail was planned out, up to personal drivers and personal tour guides. We didn’t have to worry about anything. She provided additional info for places to eat and things to see and she was always there if we had a problem or question while on our trip. The Personal Guides were outstanding-very friendly and knowledgeable and the tickets to bypass the lines were exceptional. Hotels were centrally located for easy walking and all very clean and friendly.

We really enjoyed Audrey taking us to the Venice that most tourist don’t get to see, especially our “Venetian Bar Crawl with wine and Cicchetti”. We were fortunately very lucky to have Audrey as our driver-guide from Rome to San Marino and eventually to Venice. She was a wealth of knowledge about the history of the area we were driving through. It was such a pleasure to work with Audrey: our trip was OUTSTANDING because of the care and personal attention she gave to us from our initial planning to our final itinerary.

8 Day Sicily Private Tour

Marie and Frank from Marion MA

Thank you Audrey for planning an amazing, life-changing trip to Sicily for us. It truly was a dream come true, and you and your in-country associates made it so memorable for us. We packed a lot into a one-week itinerary, and it was the perfect balance of seeing ancient ruins, countryside, food tours, baroque architecture, the Mediterranean Sea and strolling town centers and main streets. And of course shopping and food! 

The company hired to drive us around all week was incredible, and our guides at the ruins were very, very knowledgeable. Your pamphlets and vouchers helped us to feel more informed and organized before leaving home too. I discovered my ancestral neighborhood on this trip, and it is something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. My only regret is that I can't get on a plane tomorrow and go right back! This trip was a long time in the making, and I thank you for your flexibility, for answering so many questions, and for staying in touch with us while we were in Sicily. Many thanks, Grazie mille!


Eleni from Toronto ON

My family and I just returned from a vacation to Italy, planned by Audrey. I had never been to Italy before, and I didn’t know where to begin planning. Audrey’s knowledge of Italy is incredible. We gave her some ideas, and our budget, and she planned the most amazing trip for us! Each step was perfect. The hotels were beautiful, and we loved private tours of Pompeii, Amalfi Coast and Florence. The cooking class she set up in Sorrento was one of the highlights! We kept raving about how flawless and easy each part of the trip was! And Stresa, a place we never even knew about, was breathtaking! If it wasn’t for Audrey, we would have never gone there! She planned every detail, right down to the train tickets. Audrey, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. You made our trip perfect and memorable. We will definitely be booking with you again! 

small group tour to southern spain

Dan and Martha from Tulsa OK

Martha and I are three-time travelers with Audrey. We have found a way to travel that suits how we want to see new places! It is so stress free to have someone who has taken care of all of the travel arrangements, ticket purchases, and dinner reservations ahead of time. You can just relax and enjoy. While we want to see the main attractions, we also want to get a more personal feel for the places where we visit. With Audrey's connections and small groups, we get to see and experience things that most tourists don't even know exist. Our recent trip was excellent and if you're thinking about travel, I would highly recommend Travels with Audrey!

customized private tour of italy including the amalfi coast

Kelly and Dave from Brampton ON

My husband and I just completed a tour of Italy arranged with Travels with Audrey. Everything was perfect, I mean, really perfect! I’m sure Audrey even arranged the weather!! The hotel recommendations were impeccable, as were the restaurants, and each of our guides along the way was extremely knowledgeable, personable and such a pleasure to spend time with. It was a trip completed at our pace, acknowledging our wishes, but with some gentle (and much needed) guidance. We feel we’ve not only gained a real knowledge and understanding of the sights we’ve seen, but a real appreciation for the rich history of Italy and the lives of its inhabitants today. Some olive oil and a few pieces of ceramic have been picked up along our travels, as well as about 2,500 photos, but more than that, our lives have been enriched by our experience, and we’ve gained a new friend. From the bottom of our hearts, thank-you Audrey! 

small group tour to spain

Amy from Minneapolis MN

Three friends and I joined Audrey on this trip and had a wonderful time. The trip was incredibly well organized, fun, and stress-free. Compared to other group tours I've been on, this one was top notch in every way. We were consistently impressed with the quality of hotels, guides, activities, restaurants, and food/wine recommendations. One of the best aspects of the trip was just spending time with Audrey. Always a font of knowledge, upbeat, smiling and a joy to be around! Highly recommend Travels With Audrey. If you have an opportunity to take a trip with her, or to have her arrange your trip, just do it!

la joie de vivre small group tour to france

Mariah and Joseph from Pasadena CA

We are thrilled to have used Travels with Audrey. Our trip to France was a lifetime experience and it couldn’t have happened without Audrey’s expertise with the country and the culture. One thing we loved about our trip was Audrey’s knowledge of each region we went to and her connecting our group with locals who guided us through each region’s specialties. If we had been with a generic tour guide, we would have missed so much of the local culture and the highlights we had with each person that guided us. This also included the accommodations that Audrey set up - our hotels were all locally owned and the personal touch at each place was wonderful. I can’t imagine if we didn’t have Audrey to guide us, how much we would have missed.
In addition, we had specific needs for our family while we were there that were difficult to accommodate. Audrey takes such a personal approach that our need for space and some privacy were provided beautifully and by the end of our trip, Audrey felt like our own family and that is just an intangible benefit of her personality and service. We are happy to give Travels with Audrey a 5 star review and highly recommend her services as a tour specialist! Thanks! 


Kelly from Mission Hills KS

My family of 4 greatly enjoyed Paris, Provence, Lyon, Burgundy and Normandy. Audrey is an outstanding travel facilitator. Her personal attention to details and adjusting itineraries to meet our needs was really helpful. From planning to leading us throughout the trip we had just the right amount of activity, relaxing time, group time, and alone time. Her lifetime of experience and in-depth knowledge of the area was such a bonus. Can't recommend highly enough the value she provides. Looking forward to traveling with Audrey again!

8 Day Private Guided Tour of Provence

Janet from Arvada CO

In June, Audrey led our group of 8 artist friends through the lovely towns of Provence, France.  I asked her to help create a relaxing pace through the beautiful villages where artists historically came to paint and see the summer light of the Mediterranean towns.  She helped choose the places to visit, chose a charming boutique hotel on the edge of St Remy, drove us, translated for us, and basically guided us through our experience at a relaxed pace.  It was just perfect and Audrey is a charming and knowledgeable host. We took her recommendations for which towns to stay longer, where to eat (Audrey is a foodie!) and where the best shopping was. I highly recommend Audrey to put together your group vacation, just the way you want it!  Merci beaucoup, Audrey! Should I mention that Audrey and I met as tour managers and have been friends for almost 10 years? I know her planning and attention to detail is impeccable.

Customized Itinerary for a Family Vacation to Italy

Barbara from Grand Junction CO

My family and I recently traveled to Italy with Audrey. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and all agreed that Audrey enhanced our trip way beyond anything we could have organized ourselves. Audrey is well networked with local hotels, guides and transportation services. What that meant for us, is that we got the best rooms in the hotels with views, we travelled in Luxury Mercedes vans and mini-buses with friendly, knowledgeable drivers. Our Guides to the many venues enriched our tours with their vast amount knowledge and enthusiasm. And they could get us in to venues skipping lines that were blocks long. Amazing!

All of Audrey’s contacts respect and adore her and make sure her clients get the best service. We went to many of the most well-known sights and places, such as Florence, Rome, the Vatican and Tuscany. However, we also went to many off the beaten track places that Audrey knew that were wonderful, such as lunch and wine tasting at the Chianti winery, a private dinner prepared by our own chef in Rome and to some Greek ruins that were incredible in southern Italy to mention a few.

I highly recommend Audrey. She is a warm gracious woman who works very hard for you and keeps your group organized. She saves you hours of logistics time, because she knows the regions and people well. Paying the money up front in the beginning was scary, but we had heard about her and took the risk. She really took care of us. Our family all agreed that our small group tour was far more satisfying than a larger tour could have ever been for not much more money.

private tour of northern france

Bill, Gail, Tom and Lil from Dallas TX and Tulsa OK

We just took a tailored two week trip with our best friends.  Audrey developed our travel plan to Edinburgh, London, Normandy and the Loire valley.  It was a DREAM TRIP.  The hotels were all very good and the food was superb.  The best thing about the trip was the personal guides that Audrey set up for us; they were extremely knowledgeable, personable and entertaining.  Audrey drove us around in France and was our guide in the Loire.  A great trip! 
View Bill, Gail, Tom & Lil's private tour package and what they consider to be most valuable about Audrey's service

greek temples in italy

Marti and Bob from Ann Arbor MI

I would like to thank you for making our family vacation so special. Everything went without a hitch, from the tour guides, to the dinners you planned. We LOVED everything! The special personal chef night was fantastic, just perfect! I know traveling with toddlers is not always easy but you made it seamless. I really appreciated you giving them places to go that the girls would enjoy, and the hotel with the pool, great choice. You know that I chose to book with you because you were our guide five years ago and we really enjoyed ourselves then. I’m so happy we found you again. Booking with you was easy and I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends and family.


Beth and Jay from Dallas TX

 We have used Audrey’s services twice in the past, once to Italy and once to Spain. Our most recent trip was to Spain. This trip exceeded our expectations in many ways. First of all, individual travelers are different and have different needs. Audrey takes this into account and tailors the trip to the specific personality of the group. For example, our group had a mixture of adults, young adults and teenagers. Audrey arranged the transportation so that we were never rushed in the morning, had ample time to eat breakfast and set off to a day of sightseeing feeling rested and excited about the day. We visited all the typical tourist spots, but also had intimate “one of a kind” trips to a vineyard, sherry bodega, cooking class and olive oil factory. The longer drives were broken up by timely stops in unique towns. All this adds up to a one of a kind experience that really allows you to feel the culture of the country. We left the hotel planning up to Audrey and each hotel was centrally located, unique and clean. Audrey has extensive knowledge about the countries that she offers and a love for travel and the people. You cannot go wrong with a trip with Audrey. Try her once, and like us, you will be back for more. 


Angela and Juan from Desoto TX

My family just got back from a 10 day trip to Spain with Audrey and it was AWESOME!!!! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to travel again without her! Audrey took care of everything…hotels, transportation, obtaining tickets to sites, shows, etc., which left us to just enjoy our trip! We had told her in advance which activities and cities we were interested in and she made it happen. She was even able to squeeze in some extra activities (like wine tasting!) while we were there. Audrey is so nice, and easy to talk with. We really enjoyed her company and her love for the country. If you want to have a great vacation without any worries, you have to use Audrey!


Gregg, Maureen, Coleen and Donald

Just want to say thank you once again for a most fabulous tour. The fact that you designed it to suit our very specific interests was phenomenal. Everything went very smoothly. You knew just what arrangements were necessary to accomplish everything in the time we had available. We were very pleased with the transportation, restaurants, sites, guides, etc. The whole trip could not have gone better.  Our tour realized the dream my wife and sister in law wanted to fulfill: following the footsteps of their father as a paratrooper during the 2nd World War. We met many great people and have wonderful memories. I will always cherish the “down” times when Maureen and I had a sandwich and a beer at a sidewalk café in Paris and a beer at a sidewalk cafe in Berlin with Frau Vogel. Looking forward to future travels!

Time for dinner in Venice

Tony and Dan from Atlanta GA

We were fortunate enough to have had Audrey De Monte serve as Tour Manager for our 10 day family trip to Europe. The tour was a 10-day multi generational family tour (grandparents to teen age grandchildren) of the cities of Paris, Venice and Rome. Audrey was extremely well organized and always provided multiple suggestions to make sure that everyone was having a great time. She knew the cities well which enabled us to get access to great reasonably priced restaurants that served authentic local food which was not an easy task for such a large group. She kept our group on time and always offered suggestions for other activities when we had free time. She made this family trip a very precious memory for all and for that we are grateful. Thank you Audrey!


Audrey and Gerald

We just got back from our Italian "adventure" last night and I wanted to spend a few minutes sharing with you some of my thoughts about this trip. Most importantly, our local host and tour manager, Audrey, made this a most memorable time with her knowledge, patience, sweetness and fun personality.  This could have been a very grueling time with the extreme heat, non-stop walking and lack of sleep but Audrey made it extremely enjoyable.  We couldn't have asked for anyone better and we feel blessed that we were lucky enough to have her as our guide.  The itinerary was fabulous and we especially loved the side trips to San Gimignano, Assisi, Cortona and the winery tour with lunch. I also wanted to mention that our culinary experience in Tuscany was an evening we will never forget. I highly recommend Travels with Audrey for your vacation to Italy. 


Shirley and Allyson Hanna from Wyandotte MI

Allyson and I were very impressed with our tour to Italy! We wouldn't have changed a thing!!! We loved our hotels from the staff to the hotels and fabulous breakfast buffets. Our views from each of them were wonderful...especially the one in Rome. The nearby restaurants were superb. We both loved the first meal together with the taste-testing of drinks. It was a great way to meet each other and an excellent indication of what was ahead of us!!! Audrey's enthusiasm, attention to details and sweet surprises made each day very special: the musicians on the gondola ride, the wine and appetizers on the balcony, the chocolate candy on the bus and the rooftop wine tasting (what a view). Audrey was really a fantastic tour manager. We appreciated how much she knew about Italy and that she spoke Italian. She flawlessly made all the arrangements, so that we didn't have to think about anything besides enjoying our trip. She was also an easy person to travel with! We can't recommend her highly enough!

small group tours italy

Maureen and Peter

Thank you for your incredible leadership! As I scribbled on a post card to you on our last day in Sorrento, we truly appreciated your intelligent, enthusiastic, warm, witty and often personalized guidance throughout our wonderful trip to Italy. Your personal imprint was upon each of us who shared in this incredible adventure, and I know I speak for everyone when I say a sincere thank-you for making it so very special for each and every one of us! As our daughter, expressed it, you have the best career in the world! I know that we just witnessed the frosting on the cake, and that your expertise made everything seem so flawless, but that was all because of the hard work that you did behind the scenes. As Captain Jean Luc Picard would say, "make it so!" You are very special! 


Paul and Tammy

Audrey, just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed sharing a little part of Italy with you and our other travel companions. The people, the food and wine, the culture, and the experiences will linger as vivid memories. You made it all happen as it should. Thank you for your professionalism, but most of all for your personal involvement and caring that made everything seem to happy naturally. More than a one-time tour manager, I hope to count you as a new friend. Thanks again and we hope to share new travel experiences with you again in more exciting places in the future. God bless you.


Anna and Doug

We just wanted to thank you for making our honeymoon simply unforgettable. We think we were so very fortunate to have had you as our tour manager. You are amazing. Everything about you fits what you do perfectly. We appreciated your being so knowledgeable about the places we visited, so well prepared and we loved your personality. We find ourselves reminiscing of so many lovely times we had. We would definitely travel with you again! You will be glad to know the bottles of wine made it just fine. And speaking of wine, dining with you at you own personally chosen restaurants was a unique, wonderful experience as well! 


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