Italian Coffee Culture

italian coffee culture

Italy is known for its rich coffee culture and Italians take their coffee very seriously. For Italians coffee is not just a drink but an integral part of their local culture, an essential part of the Italian way of life, a ritual that is savored and enjoyed. Italians have been consuming coffee since the 16th…

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Two week Italy Custom Tour (Sorrento, Rome, Florence, Venice)

2 weeks in italy with kids custom tour

This two week Italy custom tour is ideal for families on their first vacation to Italy. It was designed for a multi-generational family traveling to Italy (12 adults and 2 children under the age of 5). Marti, Bob, Rich and Kathy had already traveled with me on small group tour to Italy, and this time…

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What you need to know for travel to Europe in 2025

If you’re traveling to Europe in 2025, you will need to complete and submit an online form on the ETIAS website. EU confirms its timeline for the rollout of EES and ETIAS border systems. Foreign nationals officially resident in the EU will be exempted from both when entering the Schengen area. What are the EES and…

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Why Spring is a Great Time to Visit Italy

why visit italy in the spring

As an Italy Custom Tour Designer, one of the most frequently asked questions I am asked is “when is the best time to go to Italy?” And, the other is “what will the weather be like?” And I have to smile because the truth is, even if I had a crystal ball, I still wouldn’t hazard…

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Valle d’Aosta Travel Guide

This Valle d’Aosta travel guide is to introduce you to a region we believe should be on your travel wish list. My native Italian husband spent several years working in Aosta and knows this little jewel of a region in northern Italy well. Valle d’Aosta, Italy’s smallest region, is known for its snow-capped mountains, Roman-era…

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How to Find Quality Gelato in Italy

We are passionate about Italian food, from cooking classes and food tours, to sharing with you what to eat in different regions of Italy and of course how to find quality gelato in Italy. Italians are masters of food and are very particular in the way things are done. Just because you’re eating gelato in…

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Piemonte Travel Guide

Fort of Exilles in the Val di Susa in the region of Piedmont

This is a Piemonte travel guide (Piedmont in English) to inspire you to visit this gem of a region. The region of Piemonte lies in northwestern Italy, bordered by Switzerland in the north, France in the west. Its capital and largest city is Turin (Torino). Piemonte does not attract the tourist crowds that other regions…

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